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Cross-Cultural Bridal Jewellery To Make Fashion Statement At Mixed Marriages

Are you about to have a cross-cultural wedding? Read on to know about some versatile jewellery you can don! 
Published -16 Feb 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -20 Oct 2021, 17:48 IST
Cross Cultural Bridal Jewellery For Mixed Marriagessss

India is the land of diverse culture with people of different caste, religion and race living together in harmony. Cross-cultural marriages are not new in India, since the inter-ethnic wedding has been taking place in our country from a very ancient period. With time, more and more people are finding similarities in someone with different ethnicity, religion, or culture. 

A wedding is a perfect occasion to celebrate any such union. However, it may get tricky for the bride to achieve a look that reflects elements from both the cultures. If you are too going to be a cross-cultural bride, we are here to help to pick the perfect ornaments for your big day. 

Temple Necklace

Temple Necklace

When trying to achieve a diverse traditional look, nothing can beat the charm of temple jewellery. These are heavy pieces, made using gold, and various precious stones. Temple ornaments mainly depict Indian Gods and Goddesses through intricate design. Picking temple jewellery will give a versatile look, and making you the perfect cross-cultural bride. Depending on the colour of your attire, pick the stones on the jewellery. 

Layering Is The Key

Layering Is The Key

When trying to show the various cultures through jewellery, layering can help. You can put two to three light jewellery pieces together to create a beautiful look. For instance, club a Rajasthani choker, and rani haar together. Not only will it look regal, but at the same time will enhance your beauty. While layering, don’t go overboard with too many heavy pieces. Create a balance with simple, yet meaningful pieces. 

Add Simple Inter-Ethnic Elements

Add Simple Inter Ethnic Elements

It is not always important to wear heavy Gujrati, Marathi, Rajasthani, or Bihari necklaces to complete the cross-cultural bridal look. You can pick subtle versatile pieces, and pair them with simple inter-ethnic elements of a particular state or culture. For instance, if you are tying a knot with someone from the north, adding a nath to the bridal appearance will do. Nath basically is worn in every part of India, however, the chunky ones are more popular in the northern side of the country. Not only a gorgeous nath will add glamour to your bridal look, but will also give versatile vibes. 

Different Styles Of Matha Patti Or Maang Tikka

Different Styles Of Matha Patti Or Maang Tikka

Another subtle element which can be used to give cross-cultural vibes is the maang tikka (how to pick perfect maang tikka). It is a significant element for an Indian bride. You can go for a Rajasthani matha patti with sis phool, or a simple maang tikka clubbed with gorgeous borla. No matter whichever piece you pick, try to match the hues of the same with your bridal outfit!

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Bridal Passa For Versatile Look

Bridal Passa For Versatile Look

Be it a Punjabi bride, a Gujrati or even a Kashmiri bride (everything to know about Kashmiri weddings), a passa can never go wrong. It is one of the most versatile elements that are popular among modern brides. To add a hint of contemporary vibe to your traditional look, add a stunning passa and ooze oomph! 

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Do let us know which elements are you picking to complete your cross-cultural bridal look by commenting on our Facebook page. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such stories. 

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