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    Expert Reveals Bridal Jewellery Trends You Must Follow In 2021

    Are you a bride-to-be looking for trending jewellery pieces? Read on to know what’s topping the charts this year! 
    Updated at - 2021-04-08,16:57 IST
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    While December to February might be considered the wedding season in India, any time of the year can call for wedding festivities. And from winter brides to summer brides, and even the quintessentially quirky monsoon bride, every woman who gets married wants a bridal trousseau to cherish for life. 

    So, what’s different about 2021? With weddings becoming more intimate, and even virtual due to the pandemic, bridal looks have become more experimental and distinctive. 

    Traditional, heavy wedding jewellery has made way for some truly eye-catching designs and pairings. Even heritage jewellery has shed some weight to embrace lighter, more minimalist designs. 

    We know, you are eager to know about the upcoming bridal trends of 2021. To help you make the best choice, HerZindagi exclusively spoke to Mr Nishant Nanda, CEO, Commercial Business, Khimji Jewels. He gave us a brief insight into the trends that are topping the charts this year. 

    Diverse Cultural Cues

    Diverse Cultural Cues

    As mixed marriages are increasingly taking centre stage, jewellery choices are keeping pace and embracing the rich diversity of cultural cues. Brides are opting for a look that has cross-cultural pairings and are layering multi-purpose pieces. 

    Be it a matha patti with a traditional nath, or a heritage choker complemented by other neckpieces of different lengths, brides are choosing combinations that are based more on aesthetics than traditions. These cross-cultural pairings also give brides the chance to make their own statement in a unique, unforgettable way. 

    Different Diamond Dazzles

    Different Diamond Dazzles 

    Cut or uncut diamonds continue to be a classic favourite bridal choice. The designs this year range from intricate and ornate pieces to elegant, contemporary geometrics with that inevitable sparkle. Gold and diamond pairings while traditional, are taking on new avatars. Bridal jewellery is seeing a lot of beautiful geometric and abstract designs come alive in this eternal palette. 

    The Curated Comebacks

    As is the golden rule in fashion, this bridal season also boasts of its share of stunning comebacks. Jadau jewellery is amongst the top choices for brides this year. A jadau choker layered with strings of elegant pearls and embellished with exquisite semi-precious stones is the perfect choice for any wedding ceremony. 

    The Curated Comebacks

    While these pieces are usually considered heritage and are paired with traditional and elaborate bridal outfits, today jadau chokers are being offset by sleek, monochromatic looks as well. This adds to their richness, making their beauty stand out even more.

    Polki Jewellery And Emeralds

    Another comeback making waves in bridal trousseaus is the classic combination of polki jewellery and emeralds. An effortlessly elegant style that is versatile enough to be paired with outfits of any shade and tone. Brides across India can be seen wearing this type of jewellery for their special day, regardless of whether their bridal outfit is trendy or traditional. 

    A Tribute to Temple Jewellery

    A Tribute to Temple Jewellery

    Since time immemorial, temple jewellery has been a huge part of the South Indian bride’s trousseau. But not anymore. These breath-taking designs in pure gold are now being flaunted by brides across the country. The traditional matha patti and waist belts are being paired with other jewellery to add to the cross-cultural trend that has taken the wedding world by storm. Brides are integrating unconventional pieces into their trousseau to create a vibrant and glamourous look. 

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    Gold Jewellery

    In 2021, gold jewellery continues to be at the top when it comes to bridal jewellery. From contemporary designs to reimagined heritage pieces, brides are embracing new trends from across the country. More than price points and traditions, aesthetics and personal expression are in the spotlight. 

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