Birthday girl and veteran actress Sharmila Tagore not only gave us amazing cinema with her acting kills, she also became an example for the beauty industry back then. From her lip shade to her hairstyle and the flowers she wore in her bun, all were so inspiring that they made a come back and today in 2020 we still dig the looks and many are still trying to perfect that double winged eyeliner stroke! Here is everything that the recipient of two National Film Awards, brought in fashion and has made a comeback and how!

Nude Lip Shade

nude lip shade

No it was not kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian who introduced the nude makeup look to the Indians, it was Sharmila Tagore who had worked on it way before they did! Her nude matte lip look was a rage in the 60s when the former were not even born! Sharmila Tagore's go to lip hues were mute pinks and brown which made her look classy and how. Only if the palette available today was present then. We wonder what the beauty industry would have been like. 

Those Eyebrows


The perfectly arched well groomed eyebrow is a rage and many of us are still trying to master it. Sharmila Tagore would sport a perfect arch with filled in eyebrows in dark brown and black which made her look perfectly groomed no doubt. We give credit to the West for introducing these makeup trends to us but the truth is that these were already there in India, sported in 60s and 70s and even the 80s but we were probably ignorant. 

The Kohled Lashline


It is surprising how very few women would apply kohl on their lash line whereas as it was the first thing I did when I used a kajal for the first time in my life. This was a rage brought in fashion by Sharmila Tagore way earlier and it took decades for women to realise that it makes our eyes look sharper and bigger! The lower waterline when kohled all the way, makes the eyes look brighter as well, defining the windows to your soul. It is in the 21st century that too in the past few years when it has come back in fashion. 

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Double Winged Eyeliner


Indian women knew that a winged eyeliner was what our actresses sported in the 60s and 70s yet it is amazing how it was not picked up until western makeup artists and celebs started doing them and posted on their social media. 

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Vintage Bouffant Hsirstyle


That mid parting, that beehive hairdo and curled flicks, a hairdo that ruled cinema for a long time, looked amazing for sure. It was sported by Amy Winehouse. Her hair was pulled back in a bouffant and this was her signature hairstyle. It was she who single handedly popularised the elaborate updo. She would accessrise it with tiny flowers and looked stunning.

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