Are you too looking for the best tips to sort out your eyebrow makeup game? Worry not, here are few tips that will guide you better in attaining the difficult but not impossible perfect eyebrow shape. 

Do not fill your eyebrows in one single swipe and that too with a heavy hand. Make tiny strokes, be a little patient and use very small flicking kind of motion. Colour with a pencil, pomade or powder, whatever rocks your boat, in the direction of the hair growth. 

Make sure that the tail of your eyebrow is equal on both sides and should be droopy. Extend your brows but in the face down direction. Your eyebrows should look natural on your face. Now here is where you have to measure the tail of your brow and they should end where they should actually end. Place a brow pencil diagonally at your nostril in sync with the side of your eye. The point where the pencil collides with your brow bone, that is where the end of your drawn eyebrow should be.

eyebrow arch

The arch of your eyebrow actually changes the entire look of a person. Draw a believable arch. Some brow shapes can make you look angry or sad as well. But what we need is normal! Create a subtle one by again holding a pencil from your nostril to line up diagonally with the center of your eye. That is the point where your arch should be. 

Take a spoolie to brush your eyebrow hair. And brush it downwards. With your brow product change slightly alter your brow shape, creating a slight peak when the shape of your brow but with a very light hand. We don't want outlined shapes that look extremely unnatural and drawn. Then again with your spoolie, fluff your brow hairs back into place so that they look natural.

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If you have mapped out your brows then it is necessary that you buff the lines out. Blend them and diffuse them. 

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Give the brows a shape.  Both sides should look even. The shape of the brow makes you look different. Giving them a structure is important. If you have to, then you can also tweeze out the extras. 

If you happen to have spots that have missing hair or gaps in the brows then colour them out. 

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Don't use a highlighter, but a concealer right below your brows. If you outline them with a highlighter then you may just accidentally put them under spotlight and bring attention to the arches. Go for a lighter concealer instead. Just one shade lighter would do.