Brassiere or as we call it bra is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is not merely a luxury but a necessity for many. If reports on the matter are to be believed, it was invented in 1889 and since then we have seen a lot of advancement in this piece of clothing. 

There are several varieties available today in the market, from push bras to fancy ones. However, amid all this the non-padded bras are losing its popularity. Now when we go to buy a non-padded bra, you will get a simple, plain piece that will hardly have any designs or patterns, unlike the padded ones. 

Padded or wired bras are fancy, available in various style, shape, colours and even price range. We know the scenario is not the same with the non-padded bras. If you have also shifted to padded bra or are about to, we recommend going through these pointers to understand why non-padded are amazing! 

Accentuates Natural Shape

Accentuates Natural Shape

Most of us don’t actually even need a padded bra. We are blessed with suitable size and shape, that’s why going with a non-padded one allows us to retain what we already have. Those who feel that their breast shape is not okay, wearing non-padded bra instead of a padded one will help to achieve a more natural look. This is because non-padded bras give room to breasts to be able to enjoy the natural curves. Therefore, you can wear a padded bra for that amazing look, but opt for non-padded one when it comes to shape and size. 

Great For Everyday Use 

Wearing a bra already feels so painful, why do we want to double the trouble and go for something that is more sealed! However, we know that not wearing a bra is not an option for everyone, even when staying at home. There are new moms and women with bigger breasts, who needs to sport bras every day. This allows them to work in a better way, without getting interrupted by bigger breasts. If you are one of them, put yourself at ease by switching to non-padded bras at home. While it might not put your shoulders and back at rest, at least the fabric of the non-padded bra will feel much more comfortable. 

Great For Everyday Use

Non-Padded Bras Are Supportive 

If you think the padding in your bra is supporting your breasts, then you are wrong. Contrary to this belief, no matter if you buy a padded or a non-padded bra, the material of the cup will not have a role to play when it comes to supporting. This is because padding actually comes from the band at the bottom of the lingerie, hence, if you were ditching the non-padded bra for it not being supportive enough, now you know the truth! 

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Padded Bras May Increase Chances Of Breast Cancer

The main reason behind the hype of padded bra is that it gives that certain desirable shape to breasts. But, as per health reports, this particular factor can be a reason behind the increasing cases of breast cancer (how to check for symptoms of breast cancer) around the world. The padded bras apply certain pressure to your breasts in order to shape them, this somehow affects the delicate breast tissues and further results in compressing and constricting of the lymphatic vessels. You can tell the pressure that is being applied by the marks that these bras leave after you wear them for a longer duration. 

Padded Bras May Increase Chances Of Breast Cancer

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Padded Bras May Hamper Your Sleep 

While one should never sleep wearing a bra, health reports also suggest that just sporting them on a daily basis can interrupt your good night sleep (how exercise can help you sleep better). It is because the essential hormone, Melatonin that regulates one’s sleep, gets affected.  With time padded bra may reduce the levels of this hormone, hampering your sleep due to its unnatural design and restrictions. 

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