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Etiquette Coach Shares Tips To Crack Your Next Telephonic Or Zoom Interview

Have a telephonic or virtual interview scheduled? Follow these easy tips by etiquette coach to crack the round. 
Published -20 May 2021, 08:42 ISTUpdated -20 May 2021, 09:42 IST
quick tips to crack job interview

The coronavirus pandemic has put an end to face-to-face interviews and everything has gone digital. Job interviews now happen over call or Zoom. Yes, things were so different pre-pandemic. Looking at the rising number of cases, you can understand that things aren't going to change for a long time now and we will all have to adapt to this new normal. 

If you are a job seeker and finding it challenging to crack a phone or Zoom interview then here we have some expert tips by Image and Etiquette Coach, Shivani. Read on for your guide to crack your next phone/video interview. 

Double Check Your Network

A faulty internet connection is a big no-no when it comes to virtual interviews. Check the network twice on the day of your interview. If there are any issues, get them fixed beforehand to avoid any connection issues on the day of the interview. 

Plan Your Setup At A Quiet Place

sit at quite place

Schedule your interview for the day you can sit down at a quiet space in your house and completely focus on it. Make sure no one is around and there are no background noises or it can be difficult for the interviewer to hear your answers. 

Always Use Headphones

headphones interview

Don't use the laptop audio or put your phone on speaker during the interview. It makes it easier for you but your hiring manager might not be able to hear you properly. This risk isn't worth it. Always use headphones. 

Introduce Yourself 

Most hiring managers begin the interview by asking you to introduce yourself. Your introduction plays a key role in getting you the job. The expert shared a few tips that will help you introduce yourself in the most professional way. She shared that one must begin with greeting the interviewer and follow by thanking them for the opportunity. She further shared a list of things that you should mention while introducing yourself. 

  • Full name
  • Location
  • Last position
  • Educational qualification
  • Any additional education
  • strengths 
  • Reasons why the company should hire you

Let Them Interrupt You

If it is a phone interview, you might not be able to understand the interviewer's expression but when he/she tries to interrupt you in between, stop and let them speak. Talk slowly, give pauses so that the interviewer too can easily interrupt you. 

Keep Your Resume Handy

You might have sent your resume to the hiring manager beforehand but always keep a copy handy on your system. You may be asked about your work history and educational qualifications and it will be easier for you to tell it all easily if you have a copy handy. 

Have Some Questions Prepared Beforehand

preparing for phone interview

It is always better to speak up, interact with the hiring manager through the interview. Research about the company, the culture, your job profile and keep some questions ready to be asked during your conversation. This will make the interviewer realise that your interest. 

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Write A Thank You Mail Post The Interview 

After your interview is over, write down a mail to the hiring manager, thanking them for the opportunity. Also, write that you are looking forward to their response.


The expert also shared that it is okay if you wish to reschedule your interview. You should not be afraid of communicating the same to the hiring manager. 

We hope these tips help you crack your phone interview. For more such stories, stay tuned! 


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