Indian is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, it is a nuclear power country and the world’s largest democracy. But despite all the growth factors our country still is crawling and limping in terms of mental growth. Our mindset and mentality are still stooping down to very low levels and that is why we fail to acknowledge that development and growth is an overall process. And that is why we have brought some underrated career options that can pay you really very well. So, if you consider yourself progressive then take a look here.

Career Counselor

underrated careers

A career counselor is one who suggests you some career options based on your interests and capabilities. The experts assess the psychological profile of the candidate and record the brain's response to certain types of questions in order to find out the best career/careers for one.  So, adolescents seeking support to decide their path in life must head to a career counselor. Nowadays, people also provide online career counseling after conducting some tests, etc.  A career counselor may earn over Rs. 60,000 per month after gaining experience.


underrated careers

Nursing is another very underrated career(sleep-related careers) that can pay you well in India. It involves taking care of patients, conducting tests, and checking on them while the doctor is away. Not only that, but Nurses also help the patient in following in medicinal routine to keep well. One has to take a proper course in order to become a nurse. Once experienced, a Regis nurse can get over Rs. 298, 781 per annum.


underrated careers

Psychology is a vast field of study that is divided into various realms based on their kind. Although this profession is not so popular in India, it can pay you really very well.  Psychology involves psychiatry, industrial psychology, neuropsychology, and other such areas of distinguished studies.  According to a report, a psychologist may earn $70k per year on an average, which converts to Rs. 5,122,950 in India.  Basically, a psychologist is someone who can judge people's actions based on the kind of statements, gestures, etc they showcase.

Cabin Crew

underrated careers

A Cabin Crew is a team of people working for a particular airline, on the airport or the plane. Right from luggage checking to collection and hospitality services inside the cabin of the plane is a part of the cabin crew. But in India, the phrase simply is regarded as an air host or hostess. Also, this profession is quite downgraded in our country despite the various benefits of doing it. For one, a cabin crew gets to travel the world, stay in lavish hotels, enjoy exquisite meals along with incentives, and a starting pay of Rs. 45,000 for an entry-level cabin crew.

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Relationship Advisor

underrated careers

In India, people have been engaged in marriages without even knowing each other well. In ancient times when men were able to suppress the women, the knots remained intact despite all the cruelties being hurled at the woman and the lack of her say in the relationship. But now, since the times have changed people have started actually considering each other as equals and that is why this profession is on the rise.  People value their relationships and visit relationship advisors to help them resolve their issues in order to lead a smooth and amazing life together.  An average pay scale(5 payable jobs online) of a relationship advisor is between Rs. 40 - 50 lakhs per year in India.

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