How amazing would life be, if you could just lie down on your bed and sleep the entire time while earning your bread? Well, in a world as advance as ours, literally anything is possible. Even a career completely based on sleeping is possible. Yes, you read that right!

You can earn a really good sum of money while living your dream life, wherein you can doze off anytime and every time at the most comfortable and relaxing beds. So, to your surprise, let's take a look at some of the lucrative sleeping jobs that you can take up.

Become A Scientific Research Subject 


A lot of universities and research centers are on the lookout for scientific research subjects, also for researches related to sleep.  As long as you are okay with people watching you sleep, you can definitely take up the opportunity of becoming a research subject.  As a part of your job, you will be watched over by scientists and researchers to take not of your brain waves, heart rhythm, and muscle movements. 

There are different criteria based on different projects, some require people who can sleep well, some require those with sleep disorders(try this if you can't sleep at night), etc. From big universities like Harvard, look for suitable candidates and pay you as much as Rs. 7- 8 lakh per 35-37 days project. So, try your luck, you might turn out to be the perfect sleeping beauty.

Be A Bed/Mattress Tester

As fun as it may sound, you can also become a bed or mattress tester, just like a food critic or product reviewer. This job is very crucial for companies set up in the business of making mattresses or beds.  When a company launches a  bed or a mattress, you can sleep on them and review the same. What is important here is if the quality of your sleep is being uplifted or deteriorated by sleeping on a particular bed or mattress(here's how to choose your pillow).

Further, the entire process is monitored and it is seen if are relaxed while sleeping or not. This is also a very lucrative job as these industries are on the rise and want to manually ensure the quality of their products so this job is very in-demand.

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Be A Sleep Exhibitionist 


It may sound a little weird, but sleeping is what is important here. This job requires one to sleep in a public place under the eyes of not one but many people.  Some time back, The New Museum in New York was looking for women who could be a part of the Chu Yun exhibit.

In this job, the candidates were required to take sleeping pills and sleep in the middle of the museum between 12 pm to 6 pm. Plus, they also offered a decent sum of money to the selected candidates.

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Be An Employee For Companies That Offer Nap-time


If you love sleeping but still want a regular job, then there might be scope for you. Big companies such as Google, Facebook, Huffington's Post and National Wide Planning keep looking forward to ways that can help improve the productivity of their employees. And that is why these companies introduced nap times fir their employees. They invested in energy pods that are chairs built for great power naps between work.

These chairs recline and block sound and sight and are very uniquely designed.  It had been observed that napping for 20 minutes between work made employees come back to the afternoons with greater force and will to work. This not only increases the flexibility and productivity of the employee but also shines as a great opportunity to sleep while work and live your dream to the fullest. 

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