Instagram influencing is an all-new career option that takes you to the limelight and establishes you on the platform. On the basis of your followers and the kind of content you create you become an influencer. An influencer is someone who can actually influence and persuade people in the favour of products or brands by promoting them on her own Instagram account.

Brand promotions and product promotions are generally well paid and the number of brands that approach you depends on the engagement on your account and the number of followers you have.  If this appeals to you and you are looking forward to taking up social media influencing as a full-time profession, then here are some amazing ways to grow on the platform.

Ways To Grow On Instagram 


When you try your best to make the most out of your posts, but the response is nil, it all gets very deeply frustrating. And it seems almost impossible to grow on Instagram organically. But there are ways that you can use to scale your Instagram journey up. Take a look

Know Your Target Audience

There is no use in banging your head on a door that will never open, similarly there is no use in showing your content to those who aren’t even interested. That is why it is important to understand and know who your target audience is, where is it from. Your post insights can help you with the information.  So, you can also create some specific content that your target audience likes and this will definitely boost your growth exponentially.

Plan Before You Post 

If you see the pages of big influencers(top 10 unconventional career options), you will notice that there is a sense of professionalism and planning behind the content they are posting. This content sense comes when you plan things ahead like you should have 1 post ready for each day that you are opting to post. This will help your content become more consistent and will also establish a proper strategy that will help you on a long term

Suppose you have 10 very beautiful pictures of yourself, if you don’t plan and upload them at once then the post will not receive the kind of engagement it deserves plus you will run out of content.  So,  planning is very crucial.

Follow Other Accounts 


Follow other accounts and monitor how they are working. Comment and like the posts, learn from them. Make your comments interesting and not spammy, it shouldn’t look like a bot has commented. And this will also capture the attention of a lot of people, who could then promote your growth.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a discoverability tool that may help your posts reach a higher number of people. Now Instagram also allows you to follow hashtags, so you can use the ones with the most following and the ones that are used more. You need not use 30 hashtags all in one post, but try to keep the hashtags relevant.

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Promote Your Posts And Your Account On Other Channels


It is a great way to pay and promote a few posts of yours on Instagram, this can give you a kickstart and help you garner a larger audience.  Also, you can promote your Instagram on visual platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, etc. This will drive the audience from other platforms to your Instagram(times when the internet rewarded deserving people). 

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