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    Here Are Some Career Options To Explore In Humanities

    Are you planning on pursuing your career in humanities but can't find a suitable career option? We'll help you out!
    Published -21 Jun 2021, 17:20 ISTUpdated -26 Oct 2021, 18:39 IST
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    A very persistent mindset in Indian society is that people who take the science stream are very intelligent, those who opt for commerce are fairly intelligent whilst the ones taking humanities are good for nothing. And this mindset or perception like most other prevalent notions in society is baseless and illogical. Humanities is a very profound field that requires not only intelligence but creativity and the understanding of social relativity. So, if you are a humanities enthusiast, don’t listen to what others say because there’s a bright career waiting for you ahead. Find out where your passion truly lies and choose from the following career options.

    Media And Journalism

    mass comm

    One of the most prominent career options in humanities is Journalism. Media and journalism is a fast-growing industry in India with great scope for students taking up arts and humanities. To make a career in Journalism, one must complete a 3 years undergraduate course in BJMC (Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication) in order to develop a must-required skill set which includes content writing, speaking, editing, and a lot more.

    You may have a chance to work with some of the most reputed media organizations, newspapers, magazines, or TV channels. There is a long list of career opportunities in Journalism itself. Depending upon your inclination and skills, you may get appointed as an anchor, reporter, editor, video editor, content creator, sound engineer, etc at a major media house. To take up BJMC after plus 2, one must have a score of 50% or above in humanities in order to qualify for the same. 

    Fashion Designing And Blogging

     If you have a thing for fashion and happen to be a humanities student, our next career option on this list is just for you. The fashion industry has been evolving really fast and growing rapidly. Maybe, because people are having an urge to experiment with clothing in order to keep presenting themselves differently, in a more creative way, as soon as this modern social era set in. You can help these people out by designing new clothes for them while satisfying your creative needs.

    You can be a trendsetter in the history of the fashion industry. In order to enter the fashion industry, one must take up B Sc in fashion designing, which is a 3-year undergraduate course, after completing their plus 2 in arts and humanities. After graduation, one can go down the road to become a fashion designer, blogger, merchandise creator or coordinator, etc. One may also be eligible to start their own line of clothing showrooms and excel in their business. 



    Do you find the Indian judiciary system intriguing? Do you have the hunger to dig deep into something, in order to find the truth? Do you aspire to become one of the biggest lawyers fighting for justice and serve the nation? Well, all you need to do is to take up a 5 year integrated Law course (LLB) after you complete your high school with arts and humanities. After you have completed your higher studies, you must clear the All India Law entrance exam in order to get yourself admitted into a good Law school.

    Being a lawyer can be a very interesting career option as a humanities student, and the pay scale is good as well. A lawyer can earn anywhere between 5-50 lakhs per year, depending upon the experience and popularity.

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    If you're a student with a background in arts and humanities in high school. Learning about human psychology is another, very interesting, career option for you. For this, you need to complete an undergraduate course in psychology for a duration of 3 years in which you'll learn about the human mind and behavior.

    After completing your course, you'll be qualified to become a psychologist and help people suffering from mental health-related issues. You may also become a researcher, writer and publish books about your findings of human psychology.



    Hotel management is another great career option for students of humanities. For pursuing a career in the world of hospitality and tourism, one must enroll themselves in an undergraduate course after 12th that goes by the name of Bachelors in business application in tourism and hospitality.

    After taking up this course, the student will learn a handset of managing skills crucial for hospitality including grooming, cooking, communication, accountancy, etc. This career option can give you the opportunity to take up several different jobs in the industry of hotels such as event managing(career opportunities in hotel management), countless different positions in a hotel, cabin crew, and even own a hotel.

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    Let us know which of the career options would you want to pursue. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.

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