Hotel management is a very dynamic career option that offers you a wide range of skillsets and serves you an even larger platter full of job opportunities. The course is for three years and you can learn the professional skills just after completing your class 12. The course offers a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management and Hospitality.

And not only Hotel management graduates have lucrative salaries but also have opportunities of exploring the entire world.  Therefore if you are someone who is already into the hotel management field or you are planning to venture into it soon then here are some of the top career options for you to check out.

Career Options In Hotel Management

hotel management

About 8% of jobs in our country are based on the travel, tourism, and hospitality. The fact that India is one of the most attractive tourist destinations and every year a huge number of tourists flood in here to witness the vibrant cultures and mesmerising locations in our country. Check out the following career options for hotel management graduates:

Management Jobs

A big chunk of graduate students is inclined towards going into the hospitality sector. Hotels, resorts, spas, cruise ships are some options for them. 

You can be a part of the hotel’s managerial post as a lot of freshers are hired in the hospitality sector every year. The job is deemed to be very well paying and you can learn a lot of on-the-job skills while working for the respective hotels. Your work would mostly involve looking after the availability of the best services and experiences to the customers.

Kitchen Operations

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Right from hotels, resorts, flights, restaurants, clubs, etc. You can show your passion for cooking in any of these places. If you know the right tools to prepare delicacies then you can earn a great deal of money in the kitchen operations of the hospitality industry.

In-Flight Operations

Working as a flight attendant/ airport staff,  you can very well be a part of the in flight operations after completing a degree in hotel management. This industry is very well paid as compared to other sectors and offers both kitchen operations jobs and other roles that related to the aviation industry.


hotel management

Another creative job opportunity for you is to start your own bakery or restaurant after completing this course. You are trained in the basics of culinary arts and  baking and can earn a very lucrative sum after starting a joint of your own.

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Cruise Liners

One of the most well paid and lavish jobs is that of a cruise liner and you can be a part of that industry too. Serve large party goers and travel the world while you’re doing your job. 

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Indian Navy/ Indian Army Hospitality Services

hotel management

You can also work for the government and serve the defense services as a part of the hospitality and catering department. 

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