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    A Staycation Is What You Really Need

    We all deserve a staycation and here are some ideas how you can spend one on a long weekend. 
    Published -16 Oct 2021, 09:00 ISTUpdated -16 Oct 2021, 08:51 IST
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    Feeling like you need to catch a break? Feeling exhausted or mentally frustrated? You may be in need of a staycation! 

    A staycation in layman language means getting yourself a hotel room and spending time with yourself. Every once in a while, your body requires some alone time to get back on track. Exhaustion leads to creativity blocks which may be a cause of stress and tension at your workplace. 

    Staycations are cheaper than being on a vacation that involves traveling. A staycation includes a lot of things you’ll be needing to do on your own or with your loved ones like your spouse or your friends. Take full charge of your physical and mental health, while also take a step to just spending time with yourself and your loved ones. 

    Don’t forget to do the following things!

    Sleep Time

    Get yourself a hotel room that has a cozy bed. Sleeping is the ideal way to relieve the stress out of your body. A comfortable bed is going to be the gateway to peaceful nap time. At a staycation, you’ll not need to set an alarm for yourself unless it’s for buffet breakfasts or dinners. Don’t forget to do that! 

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    Visit Local Places 

    Staying in seems like a good idea, but one can always get bored of it. Not everybody is an introvert. If you feel like stepping out and doing something, go to a local place or historical place. Explore your local area and history. Spend some time at a nearby park or at a cafe, talk to a stranger. (How To Prepare Cafe Style Coffee At Home)

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    Music Time

    While trying to fall asleep, you can add some meditation or slow music to the background for a nice ambiance. Get into the groove and dance a little to the music maybe? Listening to music and dancing is a good way to destress and have fun at the same time. 

    water time

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    Water Time 

    Adding some pool time may be a good idea. If you’re having a staycation with your girls, pick up the swimsuits and jump into the pools. Add some cocktails and shrimps to the poolside tables and have an amazing happy hour! 

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    Meditation/ Spa Time 

    Aromatherapy or a massage can sort you out. Light some incense sticks and get yourself a massage or a spa at the hotel itself. You can go for a full body massage or just a head massage, whatever suits your convenience. 

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