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Famous Sightseeing Spots in Indore

Indore, Madhya Pradesh's cultural and industrial centre, will mesmerise you with its warm and welcoming people, bustling bazaars, and distinct gourmet...
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -14 Feb 2022, 17:00 ISTUpdated -14 Feb 2022, 16:48 IST
beautiful heritage

The city's illustrious heritage melds seamlessly with its contemporary ambience to give it a distinct identity. Indore, located in the tabular land of Malwa, enjoys nice weather throughout the year, which adds to the pleasure of touring the city's colourful streets and impressive landmarks. Here are some of the well-known places that you should not miss:

1. Central Museum of Indore

central museum of Indore

Do you find historical monuments fascinating and readily swayed? Because if that's the case, you'll find the Central Museum of Indore to be an excellent historical resource for learning about the past! The museum is well-stocked with interesting Parmar sculpture relics. It is a highly interesting tourist attraction in Indore.

2. Patalpani Waterfalls

Patalpani Waterfalls

You might go to Patalpani Waterfall for a great picnic with your family and friends. The legends surrounding this location are as old as the waterfall itself. It is surrounded by breathtaking natural splendour and the soothing sounds of a waterfall. Patalpani is a mythical creature that may exist in the underworld.

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3. Annapurna Temple


The Annapurna Temple is devoted to the goddess of food and bears a striking similarity to the famed Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. For architecture and art lovers, the temple is undoubtedly a paradise of delight. The splendour of architecture that stands out in this temple will astound you with gorgeous carvings on the walls and elaborate murals.

4. Lalbagh Palace

Lalbagh Palace

If you want to see historic Indore under the time of the Holkars, this palace should be high on your list of places to visit. It has earned a reputation as one of Indore's most famous tourist destinations thanks to its intricate architecture and breathtaking surroundings. Indore is known for its architectural legacy, and for its resemblance to London's Buckingham Palace.

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5. Sarafa Market

sarafa market

A trip to Indore isn't complete without sampling the culinary delights of the renowned Sarafa Bazaar. The market began over a century ago when shop owners wanted to boost nighttime activity and opened the area around their stores to local food vendors. At night, the market transforms into a bustling street.

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