There is no denying the fact that India’s coastline is exotically diverse and majestic. And giving to this, our country is bestowed with some of the most beautiful and tempting beaches in the whole of the world. While most of those beaches are known to us as they are commercially rich and acquitted ones there are still some beaches in the coastline of India that are absolutely untouched and non-commercialised which are heavenly and pristine. Let us take a look at some of the most peaceful beaches that will offer you and your family that most amazing and breathtaking experience. So, read on.

Om Beach, Gokarna

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This is one of the most exuberant beaches that is still waiting to be commercialized. The beach is set on the coastline of the Arabian Sea and it is named because of the ‘Om’ shaped rock formation that makes this place even more appealing and spiritually elated. Om is a Sanskrit word that is linked to divinity and supernatural power. You can relate to this beach with spiritual vibes and yoga as the sound of  'Om'resonates throughout this secrete beach in our country.

Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

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Located in the southernmost region of Lakshadweep, Minicoy Island is another untouched paradise for peace seekers. Despite the extensive commercialisation in Lakshadweep, this piece of the island is still left untouched and mostly unexplored. The island is known for its beauty beyond praise and the blackish water lagoon situated in its center. There are very few visitors to his Island and you can enjoy and unwind at your own pace easily.

Karwar Beach, Karnataka

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If you are looking for a perfect beach getaway where you won’t find too much of the crowd then Karwar Beach is your destination off dreams. The place is located at 25km distance from Goa and is home to the Kali river and is often called the Ladies Beach. You can come here for the perfect beach holiday through a jetty and if lucky, you might turn out to be the sou owner of the coastline for some time.

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Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

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 Serenity Beach is located on the eastern coastline of Tamil Nadu, just a little above the Union Territory of Pondicherry. It is considered to be one of the most pristine beaches in Tamil Nadu. It is not as commercialized and the least crowded as compared to other beaches across the state, so one can expect to experience untouched nature in the forms of clean and soft golden sand,  lots of palm trees, clean waters, and a breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal. It is advised to visit the beach in the months of November to March as it gets very hot in the summer season with temperatures soaring up to 42 degrees on the Celsius scale. You can enjoy water sports like surfing, eat around in local cafeterias, or simply enjoy a stroll around the beach admiring the views while the sea breeze leaves you in a pure state of bliss.

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