Pondicherry is a union territory located in southern India. It is lined by Tamil Nadu and is considered to be one of the best winter vacation spots. From the perfect temperature to the enhanced beauty of the pristine surroundings, the winter season makes a Pondicherry trip super amazing. Plus, if you love Christmas, spending it here would add to your list of best ones. Let us navigate through some of the reasons that make this destination a must-visit in winters.

Pondicherry Has The Perfect Temperature


Pondicherry is considered to be a rather warm place throughout the year as it experiences a moderate climate due to the influence of the sea breeze. The average temperatures stay between 22-28 degrees Celsius in almost all 12 months but in summers temperature can sometimes sore up to 40 degrees on the Celsius scale making it very hot on certain days. In monsoon season it rains almost 24 hours a day making it impossible to explore around. It's one of the reasons why it manages to attract a large number of travellers during the winter season who wish to indulge in water sport activities and seek peace by undertaking a long walk along the seashore being kissed by the ocean winds. November to February is considered to be the best time to visit Pondicherry and to experience it to the fullest, as the weather remains pleasant and temperatures stay low but never go below the 17 degree Celsius mark making it very comfortable, it's not too hot nor too cold.

The Best Time For Sightseeing Is Winter


Although, it might be cool and comfortable for a large group of travellers to stroll around without needing to wear extra clothes on it's still advised to carry light woolens when you travel to Pondicherry during the winter months. The months of December and January are the perfect time for sightseeing, water sport activities, and beach fun in Pondicherry.

Things To Do In Pondicherry


The moderate and not-so-humid kind of weather in Pondicherry during winters can open the doors to a world full of water sport adventures(Adventure sports to do in Himachal Pradesh) such as scuba diving, surfing, and parasailing. There are also a bunch of tour companies that offer scuba diving courses and activities related to it at a very reasonable price which won't cause a setback to your wallet. You can also go for sightseeing tours in a great sense of comfort as the winter season in Pondicherry will give you the chance of experiencing everything beautiful that Pondicherry has to offer. Go for internal city tours, visit local markets and at the end of the day while you take a stroll across the beach or maybe enjoy a cup of hot coffee in one of the cafes across town.

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Yoga Festival In Pondicherry


Apart from all this, Pondicherry also conducts an International Yoga Festival every year held between 4th to 7th of January, you can also choose to experience this festival so that you can focus on your health while you enjoy your trip. The festival also offers various forms of Art and yoga that you can learn and is one of the largest cultural festivals held across the south Asian sub-continent. This may be a life-changing experience for you, Yoga(Eagle's pose and benefits if doing it) and meditation right in the middle of the beautiful town of Pondicherry, picturesque sunsets, Ocean breeze, and Nature at its best.

The registration to the 27th edition of this festival is open and is planned for January 2021 following all the safety protocols. According to some research, it's also said that practicing Yoga can build your immunity against the virus but even apart from this, Yoga can help you build a healthy lifestyle.

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