Middles east has a plethora of opportunities that one can explore and enjoy and if you too are planning to take a trip to the middle east but can’t come to a final decision then reading this article will help you find out where your heart wants to be. Here we have listed 5 countries from the middle east that are exotic and breathtaking and the ones you definitely should check out. So, take a look.



Egypt is that magical middle eastern country which is considered to be a paradise for travellers (vacation planning guide)who love ancient architecture, museums or simply are traditionalists in particular. Because Egypt holds some important historical significance dating back to ancient times, it is home to some of the most enduring historical monuments across the globe like the pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and a lot of others.

The city of Cairo is full of amazing architectural structures, ancient temples, and museums where one can get to see all the mystic historical artifacts which has managed to grab the attention of some of the most prominent archaeologists from every part of the world.

A trip to this magical ancient wonderland would definitely be filled with thrill and adventure. Apart from all this, adventure seekers also get to fulfill all their crazy desires as they can go on desert safari's, do scuba diving in the Red Sea, and much more. The capital city of Cairo hosts big medieval bazaars and anyone would be blown away by the diverse culture, river cruise in the Nile, and world-class cuisine that this country has to offer.



Israel is a famous middle eastern destination for its religious and historical attractions. This country in particular has managed to attract millions of tourists especially history enthusiasts and the ones simply seeking a social getaway wanting to spend some blissful and spiritual time with themselves.

This is because Israel is full of untouched and beautiful beaches across its coastline as well as it's the only country across the world with the most number of museums which is more than a whopping numerical figure of 200. One can visit the dome of the rock, which is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The western wall and the city of Jerusalem are equally beautiful as well. Everything about this country including its culture, architecture, and cuisine will simply take your breath away.



Oman is situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian peninsula, it is also the oldest independent state out of all the Arabic and middle eastern countries out there. Almost all of the big and developed cities of Oman reside along the shoreline whereas the rest of Oman offers a refreshing reminder of the bygone age with absolutely nothing other than vast deserted landscapes with little to no standing structures insight.

Overdevelopment is yet to take place in such untouched places of the country which has retained its spectacular beauty and has kept its culture undiluted from the modern world. The coasts are shaded with palm trees and small villages because most of the country's population lives along the shoreline.

Beyond that are craggy chains of Mountains with canyons and gravel planes with large wind-blown sand dunes of the great inland Sahara desert stretch far into the lands of Oman. One should visit(travel myths you should stop believing) Oman in the months of November to February when temperatures are relatively low and avoid the scorching heat of this region.



To describe Qatar in one sentence, it would be, "A paradise of shopaholics". The country offers ultramodern Architectural landscapes, tall and futuristic skyscrapers, and almost every city has one of the biggest market scenes in the world. The country's terrain usually comprises arid deserts and a very long gulf shoreline of beautiful beaches and sand dunes.

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One can choose to experience a social getaway at one of the beaches and spend some alone time there or appreciate the ultramodern architecture inspired by ancient Islamic design or simply take a stroll around the biggest markets in the world and shop their hearts out. Apart from this, you can enjoy tasty Persian cuisine and street food for which Qatar is already famous for years, and don't forget to visit the limestone Museum of Islamic Art while you're in the Capital city of Doha.

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Cyprus is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world where one can relax and spend some chilling time under the sun. This is a perfect spot for people looking for some natural rejuvenation. Nature and adventure lovers will find the nation very interesting, one also gets to enjoy some amazing water sport adventures there, like surfing, parasailing, and diving. Cyprus offers some amazing trekking trails where one can spot a lot of birds of different species. Overall, this country has a unique culture, breathtaking landscapes, hospitable people, tasty food, and everything else that one can fancy about a perfect holiday.

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