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Indian Places That Look Similar To Foreign Destinations

Are you planning to travel internationally? Have a look at these Indian places before making up your mind.
  • Archana Kasana
  • Editorial
Published -19 Apr 2021, 13:30 ISTUpdated -13 Oct 2021, 17:09 IST
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Most of us will have a bucket list or wishlist that clearly states ‘I have to visit a foreign destination once’. Which is a great and indeed an exciting idea, but what if we tell you that you can visit the same place on a budget? India is world-famous for its tourism, food, and culture, and with its vast diversity, it does contain a lot of mesmerizing places that would force you to change your mind and visit them instead of any foreign location.

The Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim And Jökulsárlón Lake In Iceland

indian place looks same foreign place

 Image courtesy: luxurytrailofindia and Shutterstock

One of the highest lakes in the world Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim is named after the Guru Padmasambhava. It is lavishly situated at an altitude of 5430 m and is considered one of the most sacred places in Sikkim. It is said that a part of this lake never gets freeze irrespective of how low the temperature is. People believe that Guru Dongmar himself had once touched the lake and made it free from getting frozen. It is one of the most scenic and beautiful places that will give you the vibes of vacationing abroad.

Tulips in Srinagar and Amsterdam

tulips in india and foreign

 Image courtesy: traveltriangle.com and shutterstock

Both these places resemble so much with each other that it will be difficult for you to find any difference. Tulips in Srinagar are nothing less than the Tulips in Amsterdam in terms of beauty. Also, If you ever happen to visit Kashmir you must go to Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, to experience the true essence of being in a flower valley. There is also a Tulip festival that takes place in Srinagar right at the beginning of the spring season when tulips are blooming. If you are someone who loves being around nature then you must visit this place once.

Gulmarg in Kashmir and Switzerland

Gulmarg similar to foreign

 Image courtesy: Tour my India and TimeOut

Switzerland is visited by many people to experience adventurous winter sports like skiing and ropeway rides. However, Gulmarg offers similar activities and has an equal scenic view that Switzerland provides. Gulmarg is the seventh-highest skiing spot in Asia that has instructors for other winter sports like snowboard and ice-skating. So before packing your bags for Switzerland, do consider visiting this identical mesmerizing place.

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Andaman and Nicobar Island, India And Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

andaman nicobar and foreign

 Image courtesy: tourismofindia.com and katefully

These again are very similar-looking places that need your attention before you start planning any international trip. Andaman Nicobar is known for its adventurous activities such as scuba diving and palm tree-covered beaches. This place is best for those looking for some peace and tranquility as it will provide you with some crystal clear water, white sand, and fresh air. If you are a beach-loving person then you shouldn’t miss this place.

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Alappuzha in Kerala And Venice, Italy

kerala similar foreign

Image courtesy: keralatourism and Britannica

Alappuzha also popularly known as Allepey is considered as the ‘Venice of the East. Since ancient times it is known as the vital center of trade in Kerala. In today’s times, this place gathers a huge tourist attraction every year in India. This beautiful place is also the center of Kerala’s backwaters that consists of more than thousands of houseboats. Alappuzha is widely popular for its boat races, beaches, marine products, and picturesque beauty. One of the major attractions at this place is Vijaya Beach Park and an old lighthouse that fascinates the tourists. So, before going to Venice you must visit Alappuzha once and you won’t regret it.

We hope you will like these travel ideas. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

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