When you are travelling, the most amount goes on the mode of transport and next comes to the accommodation. We opt for hotels that are clean, serve breakfast, and are closer to our point of interest. But when the bill comes, they often charge a bomb and you realise that it went way over your budget. To deal with that, here are a few ways to find out if your hotel is overcharging you or not.

The Quoted Rate

The thumb rule is to pre-book your rooms well before online. But it is not always possible as we reach the location to see f the place is what it looks like or not especially when it is an impromptu plan. Before you pay the amount, check what they have listed on the hotel's website. It should not be more than that. In case they do not have one then check the third-party booking applications as that will give you an idea. 

Restaurant Bill

restaurant bill

When you sit and enjoy a meal at the hotel's restaurant which is an additional charge, you must tally the rates. The service charges are included in the GST so they should not be charging you a separate amount. Many restaurants still charge extra as very few guests cross-check their bills. You have the right to question them. Remember that!

Charging For Only Services Provided


Before paying the bill at the hotel, check it properly. They should not be charging you for services you did not avail of. You must keep track of what are you using. Also, in case you asked for a service but did not avail it at the end, make sure you are not being charged for that. 

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Water Charges

h room

Hotels can charge you only for mineral water They can also charge you for disposable plates but not for reusable crockery or regular water. 

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Sightseeing, Pick Up/ Drop Off

Many hotels arrange picks ups and drop offs to the airport or railway station and even arrange for sightseeing. Some pick ups and drop off are not free cost but some might charge extra. You must be very clear about that. In case they do charge, cross-check what the regular fares are and you will know how much extra they are charging.

Before checking into a hotel, check the security level n your room for cameras and they should be following all sanitisation protocols. 

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