Kitchen is the place where all the magic happens that bring family members together. It is also a place that happens to be one of the dirtiest in the house. Even when your kitchen looks spot clean, bacteria, germ, bugs etc slithers around surviving on food residues and other particles. Other than using pest control sprays, disinfectants and home remedies, one must also be mindful about how long they have been using certain kitchen items. This might not sound important, but if you think about the hygiene factor, you will understand the significance of changing sponges, dish cloths, plastic containers etc time to time. Let’s discuss this in detail to understand its necessity.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are used very often to not just chop veggies but to also sometimes mix ingredients in the kitchen. Yes, the chopping boards have long lives, but you must maintain it properly. It is best to use a wooden board, instead of the plastic one. However, when any of the two begin showing the signs of wear and tear, you must replace it. If not, you might end up consuming tiny particles of it along with your food that can take a toll on your health in a long run. 



Sponges must be replaced almost every month with a new one, no matter if it still looks fine to you. A dishwashing sponge happens to come in contact with so much grime and dirt. Despite, using a great dishwashing liquid, you might be transferring some bacteria to other utensils. That’s why always clean your sponges by tossing them into the microwave or with the dishwasher itself. 

Dish Rags & Towels

The towels and rags that you use to wipe your dishes and slabs must also be replaced almost every month. Besides this, you should wash it separately in hot water every second day to remove all of those sticky residues from it. Don’t just go by their looks, even when they look clean to you from the outside, they carry germs and bacteria that can affect the hygiene of your kitchen. 

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Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic Storage Containers

Most of us are in a habit of storing our food supplies in a plastic container (tips to store vegetables in fridge), instead of glass or steel one. In worst-case scenarios, some people also use reusable plastic containers. Not only it is bad for the environment, but is also dangerous for health because, with time, plastic breaks down which then can get dissolved in your food. If you’re using any such containers for long enough, throw them away as they for one-time use only. Whereas others should be changed if they have become discoloured, warped, cracked, etc.

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Yes, the list also includes spices because some people don’t even consider changing their spices from the pantry, no matter how long they have stayed there. Cooking with old spices (spices to control your blood sugar levels) is not actually dangerous for health, but it will surely not give the same colour and flavour as it used to. It is best to replace spices every few years. However, also do check the expiration date.

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