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Things To Do In Fabulous Beach Town Gokarna

Enjoy a proper beach vacay at fabulous beach town of Gokarna.
Published -29 Oct 2021, 14:57 ISTUpdated -31 Oct 2021, 12:38 IST
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Gokarna is a wonderful Goa-like destination that some consider to be even better than Goa. It has fewer people and less crowded regions than other places. It is a great spot for both the mind and the body to be rejuvenated, since it is a confluence of peace and beauty. Continue reading to learn more about what all you can do here for a fabulous beach vacay!.

1. Spiritual Tour Of Mahabaleshwar Temple


Surrendering to the embrace of Shiva linga at Mahabaleshwar Temple is one of the most significant Gokarna activities. This pilgrimage is one of the most popular temples to visit in Gokarna, not only because the temple complex is serene, but also because the excellent Dravidian architecture is hard to miss and enraptured with its timeless beauty.

2. Nirvana Beach Post Dinner Stroll


Night stroll around Nirvana beach is the most soothing thing you'll ever feel. You can enjoy the cool sea breeze on your face and stroll after having a sumptuous dinner of seafood.

3. Get The Flavour Of Delicious Food Feast

Gokarna is not only a beach resort, but also a temple town, with a gorgeous and vibrant cuisine culture that supports its status as a one-of-a-kind destination. From scrumptious Idly-Vada combinations to an exotic seafood buffet incorporating Lasagna, there's something for everyone. However, this distinctive cuisine - Prawn Pizza presented on a banana leaf – brings one of a kind tags into the scene, leaving everyone amazed.

4. Get Amazed By The Om Beach

om beach

Om Beach is a beautiful beach in the town of Gokarna. This beach, shaped like the symbol 'Om,' offers thrill-seekers a variety of adventure activities. This beach's sunset view is one to remember for a lifetime. On the sides, there are generally shacks offering cheap lodging and eateries with international menus. Om Beach also offers a variety of enjoyable water sports activities, such as speed boating and surfing. Boating is also available for visitors.

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5. Watch Gorgeous Sunset At Kudle Beach

The Kudle beach, one of Gokarna's numerous beaches, is one of the most popular and most gorgeous one's. Kudle Beach is a great spot to go if you want to spend some time alone. The beach is hidden behind a hillock and you can catch a glimpse of the Arabian Sea here. It makes for a beautiful and perfect place to watch the sunset. Sunset photos will undoubtedly be the highlight of your Instagram feed, trust us.

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6. The Green Mirjan Fort

The Royal Fort Mirjin is a 40 mins drive from the main town that is known for its enchanting beauty. This incredible fort is something you won't find anywhere around the country.

Enjoy and chill at this beach paradise.

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