Food is a very complicated and difficult to understand niche. It is as refined and detailed as easy as it’s surface makes it look. From food critics to enthusiasts who started their restaurants way back are among those who understand this field with precision and knowledge about flavours and dishes and can be the ones to judge it. Hence, keeping in the mind the critical reviews of the world’s most renowned food critics and reviewers, we have curated this list of five best seafood restaurants from around the globe.

Le Barnardin

Le barn

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Le barnardin restaurant in New York undoubtedly serves the best fish in the world and we mean it. The fish is cooked to perfection in a mouth-watering gravy prepared with utmost luxury. This palce tops the charts for fine-dining seafood restaurant in the world and has managed to maintain it’s supramacy since 1986 has caught the attention of seafood lovers across continents. The restaurant staff and chef's dedication is inspirational as they have maintained 3 Michelin stars since 25 years, which is a task of sheer hard work and consistence. This restaurant is also a favourite spot of food critics as they don’t have to do their jobs while they’re here. So, remember to write down an extra pointer your bucket list today.

Sushi Sugita

Sushi sugita

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Sushi Sugita is a popular seafood chain of restaurants owned by one of the best sushi chef's across Tokyo, named Takaaki Sugita. He's very well known for acing the seafood game and has recieved immense attention from the mainstream foodie's around the world. Takaaki, is undeniably an impeccable man, his main motive is not to make the dish from expensive ingredients but to shape them making the use of his Edomae skills to deliver premiumly tasty sushi. People from every corner of the earth visit Japan just to taste his well-crafted sushi. The oldest and the first of these restaurants is located in Nihonbashi. And, you should definitely check them out.



The River Café

The river cafe

Image Courtesy: Rivercafe

The River Café in London is famous for its wood roasted turbot fish cooked perfectly to the bone, with seasonal garnishes and an unmatchable crunchy flavour. Its juicy, thick and extremely delicious, this particular dish is probably one of the top reasons why this restaurant is potential love at first sight for foodies and non-foodies too.The restaurant is top rated by world famous food critics  Neil berry and John Susman. Hence, we suggest you to check out this restaurant for sure!

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Casa Revuelta

Casa Revuelta

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Casa Revuelta, Madrid lies in the middle of the second largest fish market in the world. It is a massive seafood hub in the country itself. There's a large tuna fish section on the menu with every variation of the dish cooked in lip-smacking alterations that are totally divine. Enjoy an evening at this small but amazing seafood restaurant with great food and a glass of Spanish brandy to rock your meal.

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Walrus And The Carpenter

carpwnter restaurant

Image Courtesy: Seattlemag

Offering a large variety of seafoods on their menu, is this impressive restaurant located in Seattle. Dedicated to the lovers of marine cuisine, this restaurant boasts a classic Seattle Vibe which will instantly captivate you and compel you to drown in the weather beaten beachy atmosphere. This place is known for it’s grilled sardines to walnut relish to smoked herring croquettess served with malt vinegar. The amalagamation of elegant France and rustic local works perfectly for this place and for those who come to woo it.

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