Before we start this article, let us warn you that you will probably be drooling by the end of it, so read it at your own risk of feeling extremely hungry in the next five minutes! 

If you are someone who loves cheese, you have landed yourself a jackpot because in this article, we will tell you about five different types of cheese and how you can include them in your yummy cheese recipes! 

Swiss Cheese

swiss cheese taste uses recipes

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The cheese that you would see in Tom and Jerry with holes and a beautiful colour is swiss cheese. A combination of sweet and tangy, this cheese not only melts well but also has a decent content of protein and calcium! Because of its flavour and its quick melting capacity, this cheese is used to whip up omelets, frittatas and even quiches, all of which are absolutely yummy dishes!

Cheddar Cheese

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When they say mac and cheese, they are most likely referring to cheddar cheese. Melts perfectly, tastes heavenly, be it a scrumptious pasta recipe or a grilled cheese sandwich, cheddar cheese must be your pick! Due to its less elasticity and sharp taste when compared to most other cheese types, this is not an ideal pick to be your pizza cheese. This cheese is off-white/yellow in colour and has a crumbly texture.


Best known for the pull it adds to your pizza, it is perfect for taking cheese pull videos! However, if you are looking to make a smooth and creamy sauce, this cheese variety should not be your pick because of its inability to melt into a liquid form. Mozzarella cheese finds its origin in Italy and has a lower calorie count than most of the other cheese varieties! So, if you are on a diet and are craving a cheesy dish, opt for mozzarella. 

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Parmesan Cheese

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Parmigiano- Reggiano is a type of cheese that is made up of only three ingredients namely, milk, salt and an enzyme called rennet. It is hard and has a gritty texture. It can be used for making any dish where you require to melt cheese aprt from its use in soups and casseroles. The cheese that you see shredded on top of the pasta that you order is parmesan cheese. Its low lactose content(close to none) makes it ideal for everyone!

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Gouda Cheese

gouda cheese taste uses recipes

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A slightly unusual cheese variety, this kind of cheese must ideally not be refrigerated. Its flavour gets enhanced as it ripens at room temperature. Since this cheese melts great, you can mix it up with any other cheese(read more on cheese recipes) and it can also be had for breakfast with fruits or with wine and crackers. Not only does this cheese gel well with almost all recipes, but it also offers a good amount of calcium!

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