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    Having Doubts About Solo Trip? Watch These Movies That Will Inspire You For At Least One

    Watch these movies that will inspire you to go on a solo trip ASAP!
    Published -25 Oct 2021, 14:06 ISTUpdated -25 Oct 2021, 14:25 IST
    inspiring solo travel movies

    Solo travel opens up a new world to you. Going on that one single vacation will transform you in so many ways and prepare you for the best. If this isn't enough to dispel your doubts or convince you to do that one solo trip, these movies will. Learn about the characters in Bollywood films who went on a solo vacation that changed their life for much better.

    1. Queen

    queen movie

    After being jilted at the altar by fiancee, Rani from Rajouri decides to go on her honeymoon alone to Paris and Amsterdam.  This starts her journey of much needed self-discovery and self-confidence.  On her journey, she meets several types of people and creates incredibly valuable memories with them. She gains valuable experiences along the journey which shows her that she's a lot more worthy and there is much more to life than being married or just being someone’s wife. Married or not, we all deserve to go on a romantic getaway with just ourselves. And if a shy girl like Rani from Rajouri can travel alone to a whole different country then you can do it too.

    2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


    Naina from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani followed her heart and embarked on a solo trip with strangers, which was undoubtedly a life changing decision for her.  A girl who was suffering from self-esteem issues who had always thought she was too nerdy to fit in with the crowd realized her worth during the trip. She did face difficulties in the beginning but showed courage after realizing that if she had the guts to come out and break away from her typical life, she might as well enjoy it.  Naina accepted the change and began to enjoy herself. She truly changed as a person which you can witness in the second half of the movie.

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    3. Tamasha


    This film motivated many travellers to visit Corsica, an island in France because of it's mesmerizing beauty. This film is perfect for anyone wishing for a solo trip and wanting to experience some local flavors. Watch this movie to see two solo travellers, Tara and Ved, vacationing in the backdrop of beautiful Corsica. They make the most of their vacations by doing everything they can to get away from their boring lives, reminding us that life is short and that it is up to us to savour every moment. If they hadn’t travelled the place alone, they would have never probably ventured beyond their comfort zone.

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    4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


    Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara did spark our interest in going on a bachelors trip, but it was Laila, who was travelling alone that got us pumped up. Laila was a free spirited, intelligent, strong, lovely and attractive woman who loved to challenge the common beliefs that society has taught to us to believe are the best possible options available. She demonstrated how wonderful it is to live to travel and do what you want to do. And we don't need anyone else to help us with it.  Watching this movie will make you pack your bags and leave for a trip ASAP!

    If you have been wanting to go on a solo trip but are too afraid to take that step, watch these solo trip movies that will fill you with motivation to pack your bags right now and leave on a trip.

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