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Plan A Short Trip To George Everest And Forget Your Worries In An Instance

Need a break from all the worries in life? Visit George Everest – the highest peak in Mussoorie and let happiness and positivity embrace you.
Published -26 Sep 2021, 10:00 ISTUpdated -30 Nov 2021, 17:47 IST
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If you are tired of staying at home due to the coronavirus scare or the lockdown, don’t let your house haunt you anymore. Step out of your homes and breathe the fresh air in the mountains. Just pack your bags and head out with us on a journey full of blissful moments and captivating landscapes. Travel to George Everest, Mussoorie and forget all your worries in an instance.

Let’s take a look at how you can plan your trip to this magical destination and enjoy to the fullest.

The Initial Planning 

mountain george everest

If you need a break from the hassles of your life, George Everest, Mussoorie is just the right destination for you and more so, if you stay in North India.

The initial part of the plan is to keep the duration of the trip between 2-3 days at the least.

Then obviously packing a few warm sweaters and trekking shoes will help you stay warm even when the temperature falls at night.

Further, we would suggest you not to make prior online bookings as it will be a short trip and you will easily find places to stay in Mussoorie.

The Best Way To Travel

The best way to reach Mussoorie from Delhi is undoubtedly, a bike ride. For one, you will have no fear of contracting infection and for two, this will be a super thrilling experience and will also save your local conveyance cost in Mussoorie. 

However, if you are more than two people or biking is not your cup of tea, then travelling via Uttarakhand Roadways Bus is the cheapest and the best option for you, provided you keep a sanitizer spray, gloves and a face shield handy.

How To Reach George Everest

George Everest is a pretty famous location around Mussoorie. In fact, is it named after Sir George Everest, who was the Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843, who lead the Great Trigonometrical Survey in India.

Once you have arrived in Mussoorie, you can find a suitable accommodation for yourself and enjoy the scrumptious street food available across the mall road in Mussoorie.

Then next morning, post your breakfast, start your trek to the George Everest peak. It is located 6 km away from the Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie and the trek begins from Park Chungi, Hathipaon.

The trek is easy and perhaps, it is most soulful way to reach George Everest.

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A Day At George Everest 

day george everest

A complete day at George Everest will help you relax and rejuvenate. Release all your stresses and fill your heart with positive thoughts and calm vibes. Further, visit the George Everest observatory and the wishing well.

And before the sun says goodbye for the day, make sure you come back to the base, here you will find some eateries and food stalls which may also rent out tents for the night for a cost of about Rs.  500.

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You can either return to Mussoorie (lesser-known facts about Mussorie) or spend a night here amidst the clouds in your camp while you warm yourself with the born-fire and delicious food.

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Finally, when you wake up with the sun, away from the fast-paced life of the city, you will realise that simple living and high thinking are two most important factors of one’s life. You will now be free from all the stress and pressure that engulfs you at home and happiness will embrace the darkest corners of your heart to refresh you in and out.

So, head out on this adventurous trip to the George Everest, Mussoorie and stay tuned to Her Zingadi for articles on some exemplary locations like this.


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