This one is for all you love birds out there in the garden city of India! Are you having trouble deciding where to take your partner for a date? Do you want it to be romantic, your kind of fun and exciting all at the same time?

While Bengaluru has a lot of cafes and restaurants, we have gone a step ahead and made a list of all the non-cafe type places for you where you will have so much fun that not only will your date be a huge success but you will also have the time of your life! 

Here is a list of five places in Bengaluru where you must plan your date! 

Cubbon Park 

cubbon park in bangalore

Image Credit: holidify

This park is explicitly called the lover’s park in India! The huge area has several tiny pockets where couples sit on the benches and giggle! You can also come here with your partner on the weekend, walk through the park and pet the numerous dogs that have come in. This quality time that you two will spend together, of walking in the morning in such a beautiful park and petting dogs will be unforgettable. Have filter coffee on your way back, this is going to be a beautiful date!


kabini travel bengaluru

Image Credit: res.cloudinary

Into adventure? This place near Bengaluru is ideal for you love birds! Not only are the safaris going to be adventurous and fun, but there are also several resorts that offer a romantic stay for couples! You will have romantic dinners, champagne, decorated rooms. What is better than romance in the forest at kabini!

Hoggenakal Falls 

hogenakkal falls bangalore

Image Credit: upload.wikimedia

Into nature? Well then, this will be the perfect detour for you! Just a few hours from the main city, these falls look absolutely gorgeous(read more about falls in India). Moreover, they have small and cute parisal boat rides where the two of you can sit close to each other and take rounds of the clear water! Milky white falls, clear water, parisal boats, this date will be a perfect romantic Bollywood date! 

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Nandi Hills 

nandi hills bangalore

Image Credit: images.thrillophilia

Leave at 3 AM with your partner behind you on the two-wheeler. It is a beautiful journey that only takes a few hours. Trek to the sunrise point and just sit there. Sit there as the sun decides to smile upon you and the ocean of clouds tease you with different shapes. Sit in silence, hold each other’s hands, feel the romance in the air! Even thinking about this cute moment makes us have butterflies in our stomach! 

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Escape Room 

Are you and your partner the crime mystery loving kind? Do you often find each other watching CID and Sherlock together? This is an ideal date plan for you then! Go to Escape Room, where they will lock you inside a room and the two of you will have to solve all kinds of riddles and mysteries to come out in time. A perfect opportunity to spend time and to use your brains together. For those who feel wit is the most attractive feature, this date is for all of you! 

We hope you now have clarity with respect to your date! If you enjoyed reading this article and wish to read more such content, stay tuned to HerZindagi!