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Plan A Trip To Kabini For An Adventurous Weekend!

If you long for adventure then Kabini Forest and Backwaters must be your next trip!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -05 Jul 2021, 14:34 ISTUpdated -05 Jul 2021, 15:08 IST
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The monotony of the pandemic has left us bored beyond limits. The same routine, waking up, staring at the screen for hours, going back to sleep with a shooting pain in our head and a constant redness in our eyes has made us realise the value of traveling and feeling free. It has made us crave adventure more than anything else we have ever craved for so far. It has certainly made us regret refusing to go on all those trips that we were invited to, for absolutely hideous reasons! Now, enough guilt-tripping for one day, let us make ourselves feel better by looking at places that we can rush to for our much-needed dose of adventure right after the pandemic is over! 

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If you live anywhere near South India or are planning to visit, you must go to Kabini for one of a kind forest safari. This place was once a private hunting lodge where the Maharaja of Mysore would stay. It was a popular hunting spot among the British viceroys as well as Indian royalty. Famous for its breathtaking beauty and spectacular spread of flora and fauna, Kabini is one of the best Wildlife National Parks in India. This safari comes under The Karnataka Forest Department in the Kabini River. There are two types of safaris that are offered here, the jeep safari, and the boat safari. The boat safari will give you a pleasant view of elephants and their babies swimming playing in the water. If you are lucky enough, you will also be able to see exotic birds along the river banks and may even spot crocodiles and snakes. If you have taken the jeep safari, you are in for an exciting ride that may even incline towards being a little scary! You can even spot leopards, deer, tigers, peacocks, elephants! If you are into wildlife photography, you are in for some portfolio-worthy clicks!

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Image Credit: outlookindia

If you are planning a trip to Kabini make sure you pack light, yet take all the essentials. There are several other adventure activities that are available along with the safaris so make sure you carry your comfy pants and loose tops! Wear sports shoes and avoid bright colours because you certainly dont want the wild animals to get too friendly with you, do you? There are several resorts and lodges as well ranging in different prices that have their own activities, food services, and safari bookings. Make sure you book your stay at least a month in advance because you may not get accommodation at the last moment. 

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After reading all this if you are planning a trip to Kabini but don’t know which month is the best, winters must be considered. During the winters, the temperature drops to around 8 degrees, and your stay will be extremely comfortable considering that you will be conveniently avoiding the scorching heat of the summers in South India. However, if you happen to go in the summers, the rush will be lesser and you may-may not get lucky with the animals. They might come out of their hiding to drink water due to the heat, or not come out at all to avoid the sun. This is a risk that comes in the summers. If you happen to plan a trip during the monsoon season, the greenery will be much more, there will be freshness in the air. You may witness male tigers who come out specifically in this season to mark their territories. However, sometimes, the parks may close down due to heavy rains. 

If you are someone who longs for adventure, what are you waiting for? Kabini is going to be the perfect weekend getaway for family, friends, or even couples! Whether you sight animals or not, these lush green forests and the beautiful river will surely make you want to stay longer! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!

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