Keratosis Pilaris, also known as chicken skin is a common skin condition that women suffer from today. As the name suggests, this skin disorder leaves rough bumps on the skin that look a lot like a chicken's skin. 

These tiny bumps usually appear on the cheeks, chin, arms or thighs. Chicken skin can look like a regular breakout but it isn't. They usually look red or brown in colour and don't really cause any itching or discomfort.  

Chicken skin usually appears when there are dead skin cells in the hair follicles. This skin condition worsens when the skin dries out. 

We asked Dr. Ajay Rana ji, Founder and Director, Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician, ILAMED on some simple tips that can help reduce or prevent chicken skin or keratosis pilaris. Read on.

Don't Take Long Showers

bathing habits chicken skin

The expert shared that an easy way to cure chicken skin is by changing our bathing habits. It is best to avoid long bath or use very hot water as they can leave the skin dry and further lead to chicken skin. 

After bathing, use a good moisturiser all over your body. Lanolin, petroleum jelly and glycerin can be some good options. They prevent skin dryness and help cure keratosis pilaris.

Keep Your Skin Moisturised

Another way to reduce chicken skin or keratosis piralis is by keeping your body moisturised all day. Looking for creams that come with lactic acid can help. Using natural ingredients like honey which work as humectants can help. They trap the moisture in the skin and keep your skin soft and smooth for a longer period of time.

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Exfoliate Your Skin

Make sure your exfoliate your skin from time to time. This will help reducing and preventing chicken skin. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and gives your soft, smooth skin. 

Use Creams Rich In Vitamin A

vitamin a rich creams

Add creams rich in vitamin A to your skincare routine. You can use a topical retinol which helps in enhancing the skin and preventing the clogging of hair follicles. 

You can also use creams rich in  alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid which help remove dead skin cells and further reduce keratosis pilaris.

Use A Humidifier

Using a humidifier can help treating chicken skin because low humidity can make your skin dry. Humidifiers counteract the drying air so that it doesn't take away the moisture from it. Humidifiers keep your skin soft and smooth. They are easily available in the market but should be used carefully. One should consult their dermatologist first before using it to know if it will work for your skin type. 

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Opt For Loose Clothing

Wearing loose clothing helps in minimising friction in the skin. Avoid wearing tight clothes and wear something which is light and breathable. 

Though all these remedies are natural and should not have any side effects, we suggest you consult a doctor before following any of these tips to prevent any skin issues. 

We hope these tips by expert help you cure chicken skin. If you found this article useful, share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. If you have any questions related to chicken skin, write to us and we will get them answered for you from our expert. For more such expert based articles, stay tuned!