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    Take A Look At These Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Petroleum Jelly For Skin

    Know more about the petroleum jelly that you use, some of its benefits and drawbacks. Read on to find out more about it.
    Updated at - 2020-12-23,18:27 IST
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    Petroleum jelly is made with a mixture of mineral oils and waxes which form a semi-solid jelly-like substance when mixed together. It was in 1839 that a man named Robert Augustus discovered that the oil workers and many others used this mixture of mineral oils and wax to heal their wounds and cure mild burns.  That is when he got this idea of marketing and selling it as a product, so, he packaged it and called it ‘vaseline’. Now we have so many different versions of the petroleum jelly available from so many brands, some are fragrant, some are coloured.

    Coming back to the beneficial properties of this jelly, the sole ingredient that gives it the power to enhance our skins and make them better is petroleum. Petroleum creates a protective layer that helps in keeping the moisture in the skin intact. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of using petroleum jelly for the skin. Take a look.

    Some Benefits And Uses Of Petroleum Jelly

    petroleum jelly

    Helps In Healing Minor Cuts

    petroleum jelly   

    Petroleum jelly is good for healing minor cuts and it is also known for healing post-surgery wounds. It creates and a shield that is not easily penetrable and that it how it traps the dust and harmful substances from entering the affected area. 

    To Keep Your Skin Moisturised

    petroleum jelly

    Petroleum jelly is great for moisturising dry skin, and locking in the moisture in the skin, and keeping it intact. Further, this jelly is great for repairing cracked heels, and chapped lips, and comes in handy especially in the winter season.

    For Your Pets

    You might have noticed how flaky your pets’ paws become due to walking on rough areas, well petroleum jelly can help you and your pet to forget this problem. Apply this jelly to your pets’ paws regularly and they will become soft as a cotton ball.

    To Prevent Sanitary Pads Rashes

    petroleum jelly

    Rashes that are caused due to the accumulation of sweat while wearing a diaper or a pad can also be treated with petroleum jelly easily.

    Makes Hair Manageable

    Is your hair too frizzy and unmanageable? Petroleum jelly is the key for you. Just apply it on your hair avoiding the application on the roots start from the length and go til the tips, this will make your hair far more smooth and manageable.

    Makes Your Perfume Last Longer

    This is a very amazing hack that helps you keep your fragrance alive for quite a long time. Just rub petroleum jelly over your skin and spray on your perfume. You will notice how you manage to make it through the entire day with this hack.

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    Some Potential Drawbacks Of Petroleum Jelly

    petroleum jelly

    Not A Natural Moisturiser

    One of the greatest drawbacks of petroleum jelly is that it's not a natural hydrating agent, which means, it doesn't actually hydrate your skin on its own or by itself. It instead simply retains and traps the moisture present on the area of application on your skin and acts as a shield so that it doesn't evaporate, hence keeping the skin moisturized. This property of petroleum jelly can turn out to be its only potential use case and a major drawback at the same time because it doesn't only seal in the moisture but it also traps in the dirt that's present on your skin which can if retained for longer instances of time, damage the skin.

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    Allergic To Some

    Not everyone can use petroleum jelly as some skin(beetroot face mask for glowing skin) types can be allergic to it, which is rare but if not addressed properly, can happen to be extremely dangerous for health. It is advised to try it in small amounts at first to see if your skin is sensitive or exhibit an allergic reaction to the jelly. 

    Can't Get Absorbed By The Skin

    petroleum jelly

    Petroleum jelly can take a lot of time to absorb through your skin as the top layer of the skin(get radiant skin with blueberry smoothie) struggles completely to absorb it. Petroleum jelly might feel soothing and moisturizing at first but a layer might always remain on top of the skin which can make it bulkier or thick and super hard to apply beneath make-up. It can also become irritating sometimes or too thick to have it on all the time for daily activities.

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