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    Blush Type To Suit Your Skin Tone

    Confused with what type of blush you should go for? Have a look!
    Published -18 Nov 2021, 16:00 ISTUpdated -18 Nov 2021, 17:20 IST
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    Blush is something we all require when we are getting ready for an event. Most of us love having to put on blush at the end of the makeup to finish our art! 

    Types of blushes vary and it varies on your skin type. Everybody’s skin is different and that’s why not one single product suits them all. Here’s a list of various types of blushers that you can try before you find your own!

    Blush Stick

    The concept is pretty new but is used often by many! Blush sticks are not as blendable as the rest of the blushers but are a good multipurpose product to have on your vanity. 

    They are highly pigmented but not blendable, just two different concepts to go around! It’s generally expensive but goes a long way. 

    Cheek Tint

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    Image Courtesy- Benefit

    Cheek and lip tints are fairly new to the category of blushers and are surprisingly selling off the charts. 

    Cheeks tints tend to be used in a lesser amount but are highly pigmented as well as blendable to give you the maximum. This type of blusher is for those who want a sunkissed approach to their lips as well as their cheeks. 

    The tint can also be used as lipstick and give a symmetrical look to your cheek and lips. You could be sensitive to either of the blush types, so we do recommend patch tests before going all the way! 

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    Liquid Blush

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    Image Courtesy- Nars

    Blush in the form of a liquid, which is highly blendable and pigmented. This blush is for those who want to go with a full face of makeup and a long-staying one too. 

    A little drop of the liquid blush will take you a long way through an event or even a day. Usually costs a lot, but is totally worth it if the characteristics are all you are looking for!

    Cream Blush

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    Image Courtesy- Elf Cosmetics

    Blush in the form of a cream, why not? It’s just like the stick foundation but not in a stick. It’s the same formula and everything is just a different shape, mostly a pot. 

    It’s super pigmented and less blendable than the other types of blushes. But with these blushes, you can look forward to a longer stay and the same shade to carry on with! 

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    Powder Blush

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    Image Courtesy- iStock

    Powder blush is a classic type of blush to go for. Some are highly pigmented while some of them aren't. It totally depends on the brand and the formula used. You have to clearly go through a swatch to see if the shade is pigmented enough to make a purchase.

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