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Upgrade Your Nail Paint Closet With These 10 Trendy Shades

Lift your mood with a coat of these trendy nail paints this summer season.
nail paint colours trending

Nothing can really cheer us better than a fresh coat of our favourite nail paint. Winters are gone and with the hot season ahead, it is time to give our nail closet a little upgrade. All you nail paint fanatics, it is time to get some pretty tones, a good mix of pastels and pop colours. Here are our top 10 picks for the summer season. 


1Pastel Blue

pastel blue nail paint

Not a fan of bright, pop shades? Go for a minimal yet trendy colour, a pastel blue. Perfect for those who aren't fans of switching their nail colours too quickly. 


2Classic Pearl

pearl nail color

There was a time when a lot of stuck to white or clear nails, for they simple and evergreen. Our pick for this season would be pearl nails, a hint of glitter, a hint of white, subtle and nice!


3Jade Nails

jade nail paint

Another nail trend that is likely to take over this season looks like this one. Jade is a trendy colour and you can always play up with the formula as per your preference. 


4Chrome For The Win

chrome nail paint

We have seen multiple versions of chrome nail paints in the past and continue to see them. This time, multi-chrome is likely to take over. Multiple hues in one shade!


5Neon Yellow

neon yellow

For the sunny days, you want shades like these. Neon has always been loved and you can go for a glossy or pastel version for a neon yellow as per your choice. 


6Say It With Orange

orange colour nail paint

Just the perfect colour for the hot summers. Shades of orange are my personal favourite, especially for this season where we are slowly moving towards the hotter seasons. Go for a bright neon or a subtle pastel, orange won't disappoint. (How to do French nails at home)


7 Bright Blues

bright blue nail paint

Have a calling for brighter shades but just off reds and pinks? Try a brighter blue that complements your OTT outfits well. (Holy grail nail shades)


8Bold Pink

bold pink nail paint

This season calls for a shade that is bold and lifts your mood on a hot, summery day. Nothing like a bold pink. Pink will never really go out of style, especially a bright shade like this one. 


9Stunning Lavender

lavender nail paint

This pastel shade isn't going off the trend list anytime soon. This one is super versatile and will make a good pick for the sweltering summers too. 


10Green Apple Fun

green apple nail paint

Another bright shade to try this season is apple green. Carry it with a minimal fashion outing and let your nails do all the talking!