Are you craving for some pampering sessions during this lockdown when all the parlors are closed? Then, go for sheet masks that are the new obsession of the beauty world. From Korean celebrities to Indian celebrities to common women, everyone is going gaga over sheet masks. 

Face masks have been popular for a long time. However, with the arrival of Korean products in the market, sheet masks have replaced it. Every brand is coming up with their own sheet mask. There are a plenty of options to choose from which makes it difficult to choose the best one. 

If you are also looking for the best sheet masks for your skin. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with a list of best sheet masks.

Tonlymoly Pureness 100 Hyaluronic Acid Mask Sheet

tonymoly sheet masks

This sheet mask is filled with hyaluronic acid which is best for anti-ageing. The best part is that these sheet masks are packed with Sodium Hyaluronate in a large quantity. With this sheet mask, you don’t need to worry about your skin type as it is suitable for all skin types and makes your skin supple, soft and plump. The serum gets absorbed into the skin quickly showing results after the first use. 

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask – Vita C

This mask is enriched in Vitamin C which can brighten your skin. This mask helps you get rid of spots and can make it look less uneven and plump. Therefore, it can moisturize your skin well and at the same time, make your skin glow. This mask is best for long-term use as it claims glow without whitening.  

The Face Shop The Solution Radiance Face Mask

face shop sheet masks

This mask also has an ample amount of Vitamin C. It claims to make your skin radiant and bright and only after the first use, you can see the claims are absolutely true. It is better than The Face Shop’s Brightening mask in the same range as it is more hydrating and can make your skin plump. 

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Dermal Korea Q10 Collagen Essence Mask

If you are look to make your skin extremely radiant and glowing, then this is the right product for you. Although, its main purpose is skin tightening, but, it also makes your skin look bright. It is advised to apply this mask the night before an event as it leaves whitish cast on the skin after application which goes away in a few hours. However, once the cast goes away, you will look your best self.

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Sephora Collection Face Mask – Pearl

sephora sheet masks

This mask is definitely a bit expensive considering the one-time use, however, it is the best one in Sephora’s collection. As the name suggests; pearl, it does gives your skin a radiating glow just as a pearl and makes it luminous.

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This masks fulfills all its promises of highlighting the skin, hydrating it well, and making your skin look extremely glowing and bright. 

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