Highlighting and contouring play an imperative part in everyone’s makeup routine. While highlighting the high points of the face enhances the look instantly, contouring, on the other hand, sculpts the face and makes it look sharp. There are different ways through which one can master these makeup aesthetics. But, before that, a proper understanding of high and low points of the face is necessary. Your high or hill points are your nose and chin area. Others are simply low points or valley areas. Makeup expert Aashmeen Munjaal, who is also the Director of Star Salon & Academy shared a few basic pointers to nail the art of highlighting and contouring. 

Choose Right Products

Before starting to learn the process of contouring and highlighting, an important thing to mind is the makeup products you’re using. Select colours that and pallets that go with your skin tone. Because, without them, the tricks may not work perfectly. You must have a good quality highlighter and contour pallet, sticks, or powder. These products come in different forms. Contour and highlight your face with liquid or powder-based products. Instead of buying separate products, invest in contouring, and highlighting kit.

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Complexion & Underbase

Complexion & Underbase

Whether you have beautiful Asian complexion or charming European complexion, the products in your makeup kit should be bought accordingly. When it comes to Indian skin tone, you need to know what is your under base. People have all types of under base, such as pinkish, yellowish, or blueish. The complexion and under base are two different things. Complexion is the upper colour of your skin, like fair and dark, whereas, under base is the inner colour of your skin, like a fair person has a pinkish tone or pale tone. The key is to choose the product with right pigment that will give the best contrast to your under base. Professionals use colour wheel to choose the right shades. Ashmeen suggested the same wheel to learn about colours and shades. It’s basically a chart to understand the colors for contouring in the best way possible. 

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Pop Your Pouts

Pop is the area, like hills (high points of the face), whereas valley is inner and muffled area of your face. Hills are pointed areas, like the front of nose and side areas are valley, as discussed earlier. You have to pull up the hill part and dull the valley part while highlighting and contouring with the right makeup products. Following the same theory, pop your pouts. You just need to pout and the areas which are coming out need to be highlighted. Next, cast the jawline. The jawline is an area that changes the look of your face, so jawline sculpting is very important. 

Shine The Strobe Light

The next important aspect is to learn the concept of shine the strobe light. Suppose if you go in the club, or at a party that has dim lighting along with a few fluorescent lights. It will not show the complete face, but will only highlight a few parts of your face. The key to stand out here is to highlight the tipping point, like tip of your nose, chin bumps zone, and ample zone using good highlighting makeup products. So these are the areas where you need to focus in order to reflect the light. This concept is called shine the strobe light.

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Cast The Shadow

Cast The Shadow

Often it happens that the light falls just on one side of the face, leaving others in dark, mostly forming shadow. You can quickly fix this by applying highlighter only on the sides. This is also one of the ways to highlight your face bones.

Erase Crease Lines 

The process of erasing the crease and borderline is called bridging. Wherever on your face, you have used different shades to create shadow and strobe light, there you have to do bridging to merge and blur sharp lines of your makeup products. By erasing and merging those lines you have to create a shadow that is blended properly.


After your whole face has been sculpted in the best way possible, lastly finish off with baking. It is known as bake the look. For this, you’ll need a beauty blender, and translucent powder or the setting powder. Gently apply the products on the face using the beauty blender. This step will bake the whole look and make it more sealed.


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