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    What Is Retinol? Uses To Side Effects, All You Need To Know

    Here is a low down on the skincare ingredient Retinol. From uses to side effects, all you need to know. 
    Updated at - 2021-06-18,18:41 IST
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    Our skincare games are changing and getting as real as they can. The understanding of the right ingredients which should be used and your products must have, is getting better by the day. After Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, we have Retinol which is considered a miracle ingredient by many. But what truly is it and does it have side effects? Scroll down for a detailed understanding of it. 

    Retinol is vitamin A which suits the skin, in a way. It belongs to the same group as vitamin A, aslo called retinoids. You can buy low strength retinol online and in stores but a consultation with dermatologist is recommended as all skin types react differently. 

    Uses Of Retinol

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    • Those with acne or skin pigmentation may want to make best friends with this skincare ingredient. 
    • It is great for working on sun damaged skin and the signs of ageing. The collagen production generally slows down with age and so des the skin cell turnover. This is when retinols step in. This ingredient boosts the skin cells and the functioning on track, making it better for your skin. It keeps pores unclogged hence it is recommeded to those with acne. 
    • For anti-ageing purposes, retinol works on imprving skin texture and the fine lines. It helps in brightening the skin. 

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    Side Effects Of Retinol

    • If you use too much dosage or stringer retinoid solutions like Accutane or RetinaA, then there are a number of side effects indeed.
    • Those with sensitive skin must steer clear of this skincare ingredient or simply use it with caution as it does have the reputation of giving yo reness, peeling and dryness. 
    • Usage of a strong retinol variant can also give you scaly patches, itchy skin and irritation. 
    • The worse side effects ever reported have been that of swelling, stinging, eczema and skin discolouration, which is why it is important that you consult your skin specialist and not g for strong versions of this skincare ingredient. 

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    How To Use Retinol?

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    • Use sunscreen after applying retinol and t must be a minimum of SPF 30. 
    • It should not be used by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. 
    • Apply it twice a week at night. 
    • After application of retinol, use serums and night creams in your bedtime skincare routine. 
    • Never use vitamin c and retinol together. 

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