Common Nail Care Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Do you shake the bottle before applying the nail paint? Take a look at the other mistakes you might be making in the name of nail care.

Krati Purwar
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All of us like clean and well-kept nails. We go out of our way to ensure that our nails look beautiful. We invest in manicures, nail art and nail paints. However, just like everyone, we make the same mistakes of filing in the wrong way to cutting nails too deep. But with this article, we have compiled all the errors that you must avoid while taking care of your nails. Let’s start!

Do Not Cut Cuticles

do not cut cuticles

Have you seen manicure or viral nail-care videos? Do you remember they cut the cuticles? If you are following them, you are making one of the biggest mistakes. People cut cuticles to ensure that the nail bed look clean.

However, did you know that cuticles actually protect your nails from infections and germs? All you need to do is remove the dead skin around the cuticles, and your nail bed will appear clean. You can use the cuticle remover and cuticle pusher to achieve the desired look.

Do Not Forget To Apply Extra Paint On The Tip

We apply nail paint on our fingers to make our fingers appear attractive. However, we often forget to apply some extra on the tips of the nails. It is one of the biggest reasons behind experiencing chipping on the tips.

Once you are done applying the topcoat on every nail, take some extra in the brush and apply it horizontally on the tips of the nails. It will prevent the nail paint from chipping and make it last longer than before.

Do Not Peel Gel Polish

If you are scrapping or peeling off the gel nail polish, you are making the biggest blunder in the name of taking care of your nails. When you peel off the gel paint, it also takes a thin layer of nails with it.

Hence, you are not just removing the gel pain, but you are also removing the topmost layer of your nails, making them weaker than before. It will also destroy any nail paint shade that you will apply after the peeling process. The shade will come off easily.

Do Not Shake The Nail Paint

do not shake the bottle

Most of us have the habit of shaking the nail pain before opening and applying it. We want to ensure that the formula and polish mix with each other, we can get a better coat on our nails.

On the contrary, this process only creates bubbles. And these bubbles do not stay inside the bottle, but they appear on the nails when we coat them with the shade. If you want really to mix the formula and nail paint, keep the bottle between your palms and roll it. This process will help you accomplish a smooth coat without bubbles.

Do Not Apply Thick Coats Of A Nail Paint

If you have seen any esthetician applying the nail colour, you would have noticed that they do not appreciate a thick coat. It makes the nail pain smudgy. Hence, when they apply the paint, they brush off the excess on the sides of the bottle.

The best way to apply the paint for nail art or casual grooming is by first putting a coat in the middle. After this, you can slide the brush on the sides. It ensures even distribution and prevents streaking that occurs when you apply a thick coat.

Do Not Forget To Apply The Base Coat

Whether you are in a hurry or running off somewhere, you must never forget to apply the base coat. Not only does it ensure smooth application of the nail paint. It also prevents your nails from breaking. This extra effort will prevent chipping and lock the topcoat to make the nail paint stay for long.

Do Not File Nails Back And Forth

file nails

At most times, we are in a hurry to file nails. Let’s be real! It is a boring and exhausting task. Though we seem to achieve the desired results, it can actually harm the nails.

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The best practice is to hold the filer and move it from the side to the centre. Lift it up at the centre, and repeat the process. The process of sawing frays the tip and gives your nails an unfinished look. However, if your use the tool in one direction, you can achieve smooth and finished edges.

Do Not Add Nail Polish Remover To The Paint

Let us all accept the truth that all of us have done this at least once in our lifetime. When the nail paint has thickened, we have added the nail paint remover to thin it out and applied it on our nails.

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Well! This is not the solution to applying our favourite hue that has thickened over time. For time being, it works, but it actually makes the shade less vibrant and foggy. Hence, the nail paint chips faster. What you can do is add just a few drops of nail polish thinner. It will resolve your problem without snatching the vibrancy of your favourite nail colour.

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