Having head lice is rather common, especially among children. The adults might catch these small insects too that feed on blood from the human scalp. However, there are many misconceptions about them that can lead to unnecessary stress and chaos in a household. 

While knowing how to get rid of these blood-sucking animals is important, it is also significant to bust myths that can give you and your family a hard time. Some of these misconceptions we have been hearing since we were small and are still believing in them. In order to deal with head lice in a better and smarter way, let’s stop trusting these five myths! 

Itchy Head Means Having Head Lice 

While it is one of the common symptoms of having head lice, a child does not need to have head lice if he/she is constantly itching head. They must be experiencing itchiness due to dandruff, or dryness because of the cold weather. Sometimes not maintaining proper hygiene can also lead to itchy scalp and may have nothing to do with head lice. 

Itchy Head Means Having Head Lice

Lice Can Jump Or Fly From One Head To Another

This perhaps is one of the most common myths about head lice of all time. You even must have heard your moms talk about how lice can fly or jump from one head to another. The truth is they cannot fly because lice are wingless beings. They only have legs, which allow them to crawl. Only when you have direct head-to-head contact, the lice can move from one person to another. 

Bad Personal Hygiene May Lead To Having Head Lice

While maintaining personal hygiene is crucial for one’s well-being, it has nothing to do with having head lice. In fact, even when you want to get rid of head lice, cleanliness will not help you, as these insects just care about the blood that they are getting from your scalp. It takes a lot more than maintaining personal hygiene to remove those nits and eggs from hair that extremely sticky.  

Bad Personal Hygiene May Lead To Having Head Lice

Long Hair Attracts Head Lice 

The length of your hair has nothing to do when it comes to catching head lice. No matter if you have long, medium or even short hair, as long as you have something on your head that will support their movement to suck the blood out of the scalp (benefits of scalp scrubbing), lice don’t care about the length! 

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Pets Transmit Head Lice

Sorry to break it to you, but you can’t blame your pet for transmitting head lice to you or any of your family members. This is because animals and humans get different species of lice. The one that feeds on human blood is called Pediculus humanus capitis. However, since your pets (how to get rid of fleas in pet) can also get lice, though a different spicey, you must also take care of them! 

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