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The Trend Of Metallic Lips

Metallic lips have been in trend for decades. Here’s everything about it!
Published -14 Nov 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -14 Nov 2021, 00:39 IST
metallic eye trend

Metallic lips have something about them, don’t they? We are absolutely in love with metallics this month and why shouldn’t we be, it’s all we have been seeing, on the television screens and over the internet! 

Metallics have a unique vibe and we are living for it, literally! Metallic eyeshadow is something we swipe across our eyelids as we are in a rush to attend a wedding or some other get-together. Ask us about our go-to metallic shade? It’ll be gold! 

Metallics And Lips 

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Metallic layering has been used over the lipsticks to give a metallic lip for a while now and we don’t see it going anywhere soon. 

Metallic lips have been in trend since the 1980s and we all know why. 

It effectively grows year and again, with coming and going trends. With runways and designers playing a major trend every fashion season, it’s hard to keep a track of every beauty trend that sweeps our way, all the time. 

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How Can You Get Metallic Lips? 

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You can go for a wholesome metallic lipstick that could be matte or cream-based. It is best to go for a matte lipstick as it stays for longer and has a good formulation with a power stay. 

Rather than purchasing additional lipstick altogether, you can throw in lipstick and add a layer of the metallic eyeshadow using a vaseline. Vaseline is the best beauty hack to use with everything. 

For adding a highlight to your cheekbone, you can also add a layer of vaseline and then apply eyeshadow on top to add the shimmer. A vaseline helps you add all the gloss and dewiness into your beauty regime as you like. 

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How To Pair Your Metallics?

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For a metallic look, you can opt to go for metallic eyeshadow as well as a metallic lip with a bit of highlighter on the cheekbone. 

Don’t go heavy on the blush if you’re picking on a metallic shade, it’ll be a conflict of interests! 

Keep the rest of the makeup subtle but let the metallics play the game on your behalf. 

Are you in the metallics game as much as we are? Let us know on our official Instagram and stay tuned to HerZindagi for viral trends and entertainment!

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