Runways have been a trendsetter for everybody and we all have had our eyes set on the runways for the longest! There are several trends that we all follow on a daily basis and we have loved almost all of them. 

While some of them have truly faced a lot of backlashes, unlike baking powder backlashes, undereye trends have had it for us. 

Where Did The Trend Start From? 

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The trend surfaced through TikTok and Instagram videos wherein an influencer is seen applying a nude brown shade to her under the eye to enhance her eye bags as if they are not a flaw, rather more of a beautiful aspect added to her face! 

With her video ticking off on the internet, we saw a boom with people incorporating eye bags into their normal looks. 

Runway Eye Bags 

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With runways, we saw a more polished look. Where a TikToker was spotted with a shade of brown under her eyes, we spotted models like Bella Hadid toning it up a bit with a vibrant shade and elevating her look to another level. 

Looking at a model like Bella Hadid, everybody fell into the crazy under-eye neon, vibrant makeup. 

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Let’s Embellish 

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The neon, vibrant wasn’t enough, the runways went for a more polished look with Swarovski and embellishments. 

Pasting an embellishment like stones and mirrors on your face wasn’t really enough for all of us, so we went in for the under eyes where we seem to attract a person the most. 

Not Just Women 

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It’s not just women that we spot, we see men following the trend too! 

We see a variety of people falling for the trend that has been taking over the beauty sector for a while now, and it’s highly empowering. 

Recommended Video

Why do under eyes have to be highlighted as a bad trait to your beauty when you can show it off as much as you can show off your beautiful and bold lipstick collection?

Think about it! 

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How To Do It?

  • You can conceal your under eyes if you think it is a necessary step, but it is completely alright not to since you’ll anyway be applying a layer of eyeshadow to your undereye to enhance the flaw and it will hide your eye bags. 
  • Take some product from your vibrant eyeshadow and dust it a bit from the brush to get rid of flakey ingredients. 
  • Blend it as you normally would around the area under your eye. 
  • It can be messy as it does not have definite lines. 
  • You can use a contrast of colours and blend it well to make it dual-tone if you feel like it. We suggest you start simple and when you excel in your single tone, shift for a harder style and type! 

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