Pale skin can be very challenging to deal with in summers the visible rashes and roughness and in winters the lack of that sunkissed glow. It s never easy to manage and makeup your pale skin, and we totally understand. That there is only a very fine line between looking beautiful and absurd.

So, to give you some perfect solutions in order for you to solve these problems all we can give you is makeup tips. There are certain rules to doing makeup on pale skin, and if you manage to remember them, then perhaps you will be able to rock all your looks. Therefore do not worry because here are some really valuable makeup tips that you would want to read.

Go For A Protective Primer

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While adding the primer is an important part of makeup, it is also essential for those with pale skin to remember using a primer that protects your skin and makes it less vulnerable to harmful UV rays, etc.

Actually, pale skin is less hyperpigmented and it is not easy dealing with due to its thin molecular structure. Therefore, if you use a protective primer it will guard your skin from sun-damaged and photo ageing.

Mix Your Foundation With A Brightening Cream

The target for fair-skinned people is not to achieve a lighter skin tone but to get a natural glow and full coverage.  To get that natural glow with your foundation, you can go ahead and mix it with your brightening cream. This will make the skin look better and positively bright.

Use Liquid Highlighters Instead Of Powdered Ones

Leave out powder highlighters as they give a more glimmery look and may spread elsewhere on your face. On the other hand, using a liquid highlighter will help you get that natural dewy look and will make you feel like it's the inner glow of the skin itself.

People with pale skin can really take advantage of this for achieving a more desirable and classy look.

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Subtle Eye Makeup

For people with pale skin tones, it is always better to opt for subtle eye shadow and bolder lips. A combination of both would make you look weird and that is why you can highlight your eyes with black/brown liner and apply a neutral or natural eyeshadow.  Further refrain from sparkle shadows, or deep pigmented metallic colours as they would reduce the beauty of your face.

Apply The Blush Slowly

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Since your skin is pale, it is important for you to remember to stick to that natural look at all times and that is why whenever you apply the blush make sure it is done slowly and gradually so that the blush blends in your skin well and doesn’t look odd.

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Use A Self Tanner

A self-tanner, as the name suggests is a product that neutralises your skin tone by making it a little darker(makeup tips for dark skin tones).  People with pale skin should keep a self-tanner with themselves and that too a good one that would last longer and provide fuller coverage. Just make sure to choose the most suitable shade for yourself as going for too dark shades would also not serve the purpose.

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