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Easy Trick To Revive Your Old, Dried Lip Liners

Are you tired of your lip liners drying up? Read to know a simple trick to revive them! 
Published -24 Jan 2021, 15:00 ISTUpdated -23 Jan 2021, 20:00 IST
Old, Dried Lip Liners

Most of us are absolutely in love with our makeup. If any pallet or lipstick break down, it hurts nothing less than a breakup. That’s why we guard the products and also bestow utter love on them. However, there are times when some of the products just dry up and don’t last as long as we wanted them to. 

For instances, eyeliners and lip liners. These are fragile items that tend to dry up quickly. Even after following the instructions to keep them, the lip liners especially don’t survive. We are sure, you too have a couple of dried lip liners that you want to reuse but simply couldn’t. 

How To Revive The Dried Lip Liner

Need not worry, because we are here to help! No matter which brand or shade dried lip liner you have, with a few tricks that we are about to suggest, you can bring them back to life. So, without further due, let’s get started! 

How To Revive The Dried Lip Liner? 

This is the most reliable way to soften the consistency of your dried lip liner. This trick can be done with the help of simple items that you can easily find at home. 

How To Revive The Dried Lip Liners


  • Sharpener
  • Petroleum Jelly 
  • Lip liner
  • Candle



Begin By Sharpening The Edge Of The Dried Lip Liner

You’ll need a lip liner sharpener to trim the edge of your lip liner. Don’t just stop after sharpening the first layer. Remove at least 4-5 layer to remove the dried part of the pencil completely. However, be careful while doing so, as you may end up breaking the product and wasting it.  

Begin By Sharpening The Edge Of The Dried Lip Liner

Rub The Tip To Make It Warm 

Once you sharpen up the tip of the lip pencil well, the next step is to rub it to provide a little bit of moisturisation. On the tip of your index finger, or on the edge of your palm, rub the pencil by twisting it well. Don’t go aggressive, but quick enough to warm the pencil up. 

Or Use A Candle To Warm The Product

In case, your lip liner ( 5 lip products every woman must have) is way too dry and is not melting by rubbing on your finger or palm, you can take the help of a candle. All you need to do is light up the candle, take the lip liner and place the tip of the liner over the flame for a couple of seconds. Repeat this a couple of times. However, be extremely careful to maintain a distance while doing so, otherwise, you will end up burning the lip liner. 

Or Use A Candle To Warm The Product

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Use Petroleum Jelly To Soften The Consistency

The last step is to use petroleum jelly to soften the consistency of your lip liner. Use a makeup brush and take a small amount of petroleum jelly (cons and pros of petroleum jelly). With the help of the same brush, coat the lip liner. Allow the pencil to soak up the moisture of petroleum jelly for a good 5 to 10 minutes. The process is to allow the product to get hydrated and remove further dryness.

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