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    9 Winter Hacks To Make Life Easier In This Chili Season

    Beat the winter season with some really cool life hacks that will help you survive the chills easily this season.
    Updated at - 2021-01-15,16:14 IST
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    The winter season receives mixed responses. While some just love the thought of chilling winter winds rubbing over the face, some people hate to step out of their cozy warm beds to avoid the winters. 

    It is a paradise for those who love winters but it is no less than hell for those who don't.  So, to tell you that we feel you, we have some really cool hacks for the winter season that will help all of you get rid of the scare and make your life super easy during the snow season.

    1. Dress Up In Layers

    winter hacks

    Most of us think that wearing woolens and thick clothes can help us last the winters. But the fact is the dressing up in layers is a much better option to be able to kick the cold off. 

    Layering traps the warm air in between and that creates an insulated shield that protects you from the extreme cold. If you don't believe us, then try it yourself. Wear one sweater and then wear 2-3 layers of t-shirts etc. You yourself would feel the difference.

    2. Use A Razor To Get Rid Of The Pilling

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    Sometimes our newest sweaters and other woolens start developing pills. And to remove those from the scene you don't need anything but a simple razor. Just lay down your woolen straight and roll the razor blades from up to down. This will get hold of the pills and will make your woolen smooth and as good as new.

    3. Boot Hacks

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    We all have at least one pair of long boots and we always end up messing them up in the shoe rack. Well, boots are not supposed to be stored in small spaces otherwise, cracks and wrinkles can easily develop on your boots and ruin them. So, to prevent this from happening, all you need is an old foil roll, that is sturdy and strong, and then insert it inside the length of the boots. Store your boots(how to style your thigh high boots) in a safe place near the exit door and there you go!

    4. Use A Vacuum Seal

    winter hacks

    To vacate your wardrobe from the summer clothes you can go ahead and use a vacuum seal. This will occupy less space and will free up more space for your winter outfits.

    5. Cut Out A Woollen Insole 

    winter hacks

    To keep your shoes warm in winters, you can easily cut a woolen insole out of it.  Just take out the sole of your shoes, and trace them over the thick woolen fabric. Cut out the sole and insert it inside your shoes. Stay warm!

    6. Socks Hack

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    If you want your socks to be super comfy and warm along with making it waterproof. Then here is a trick for you. All you need to do is wear thin plastic bags on your feet. Then cover them with socks and there you go. As long as your socks aren't too wet, you would have no heat loss from the feet. Try this hack before doing the bathroom jobs in winters.

    7. Use Orange Peels to Start Fires

    winter hacks

    North India experiences really shrilling and very cold winters between December to January. This time most people keep their homes warm by starting small fires in a portable fireplace. Or a metal tub, but when the wood gets wet it takes more time, energy, and fuel to fire up. So, to solve this problem use dried orange peels which instantly start burning and keep going on for a long time. These orange peels help in starting the fire easily.

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    8. Waterproof Your Shoes

    To waterproof your canvas shoes for the winter season. Take an old candle(DIY candles at home) and rub it over the entire fabric of your shoe. Then take the hairdryer and melt down the wax in the fabric. Repeat this twice for a strong waterproof coat.

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    9. Heat Up Your Bed

    Sleeping on a cold bed is next to impossible. So, to heat up your bed before sleeping you can, just use your hairdryer and blow heat from it onto the bed. This will make your bed warm, welcoming, and cozy.

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    So, beat the winters with these cool hacks and stay healthy and warm! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.

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