The previous year sure saw a lot of makeuo trends like colour block eyeliners, monochromatic makeup, matte nude lip colours, matte foundations, bold eyebrows, holographic nails, lipbalm hydrated lips with flush of bold colours, elongated eyeshadows in bold colors with nude lips, graphic eyeliners, smoky eyeliner and heavy eyelashes achieved with fake eyelashes. But what do you think will trends in 2020? We got in touch with Nykaa and Reena Chhabra, CEO Nykaa Brands, shared with us what all she predicts and we are super psyched! 

Surprisingly some I already follow and have practiced enough to do it right but I guess it is time if you haven't already. With so many sales going on in the beauty department, why don't you stock up on some of them yourself and save money? So here is a list of what all we need to build our vanity with and check out tutorials of. 

Velvety Lip Colours (with a bit of shine-Creamy)

A little close to matt shades, this lip colour fad will be a little creamy and with a slight sheen. 

Adding Liquid Highlighters /Shimmers To Foundations

There are so many liquid highlighters available with so many brands coming up with their own shades and versions and thankfully they accommodate all skin tones. Be it moonlight shades, unicorn finishes, bronzy or peachish pink, there is something for everyone. 

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Shades of Blue- Eyeshadow- Graphic/Extended

This year there was a craze for brown smokey eyeshadows and nude sparkles but this New Year will have a lot of blues ruling the makeup world of 2020.

Metallic lip Colours

This one would interesting as I have always seen just metallic nail paints but not the lips. Try a safe shade at home, pair it with nude eyes perhaps, before you step out. Wear what is comfortable, and you may just surprise yourself.

Blurred Lips/Ombre Lips

I will soon share with you a tutorial on how to go about this one. And your lips look amazing is something that I can vouch for.

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Ombre Eyebrows

Till now we had been working with bushy and dark eyebrows but this year will get interesting with ombre. So the lighter and darker shades in your eyebrow kit will definitely be in use this year.

Bold Lips With Nude Eyes

Go metallic and keep your eyes simple!

Pastel Nail Colours

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These would look amazing and give a classy look to you as well. Very common in Korea, thanks to the Korean shows I binge on on Netflix, pastel shades on the nails would be a good trend.

Statement Contouring

If you haven't mastered the art of contouring yet then hold on as this could be worked upon. Be in tune for tutorials. 

Luminous Skin

This can be achieved with a good skincare but liquid highlighter mixed in your foundation would definitely fetch you this look.

Tinted Lipbalms

I don't think they were ever out of fashion! This work wonders when you forget your lipsticks. A bit of tint, moisturised lips are good to go anytime.