Have you ever wondered why Koreans have such beautiful and glossy hair? Well, it is solely because they eat a very nutritious diet along with following a strict hair care regime.  If you can regulate your diet rightly and follow that hair care routine, then my friend, nothing can stop you from having perfectly lustrous hair. Therefore, here is the 10 step hair care routine, that Koreans usually follow for hydrated and glossy strands. So, take a look.

1.Scalp Scaling

korean hair care

Scalp scaling is the first and the most important step towards getting your hair on point. It is just like shampoo but there is no froth and the is specifically only for the scalp. It is applied once a week or twice in two weeks. All you have to do is apply the scalp scaler and leave it on for 10 minutes and then just rinse.


After scalp scaling, the next step is to shampoo your hair, this step helps in cleansing the hair strands and removing the dust a d dirt from your hair. Therefore you must wisely choose a mild shampoo depending upon your hair type.

3.Scalp Massage

korean hair care

After applying the shampoo it is super important to massage your scalp thoroughly. This not only allows deep cleaning of the hair, but it also facilitates an increase in the blood flow to the scalp. This improves hair health and makes your hair visibly beautiful. Use a scalp massage or a scalp brush to allow an effective hair scalp massage.

4. Conditioning

Conditioning the hair is as important as shampooing. To condition your hair in the right way, pat dry your hair after shampoo, and then apply the conditioner carefully only on the hair shafts and not the roots or scalp area. Conditioners are good for nourishing your hair and keeping it hydrated.

5.Hair Masks

korean hair care

We all know what hair masks are and also know how to use them. But the difference between us and Koreans is that they use hair masks regularly from time to time as a part of the hair care regime. Just like our face needs nourishment, our hair needs it too. Therefore use natural or good hair masks that suit your hair and helps in controlling the frizz in the hair.

6.Hair Rinsing 

Rinsing your hair with a natural rinse is important for maintaining the pH level of the scalp. Generally, Apple cider vinegar is used to rinse the hair as it is very easy to do so. All you have to do is mix the vinegar with warm water and wash your hair with it.

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7. Scalp Treatment

korean hair care

It must be understood if your scalp is healthy your hair will be absolutely flawless. Scalp treatments are basically scrubs and cleansers that are specially made for your scalp. All you have to do is apply scalp treatment after the shampoo or before it, following the directions to use, leave it on the scalps for some time and then wash it.

8. Scalp Toning

Just like we use a skin toner for moisturising the face, Koreans make use of scalp toners which are essentially known for hair fall reduction, cleansing the scalp, reducing inflammation on the scalp, volumising the hair, and facilitating deep root hydration. Spray the toner on the scalp after the shower, once you're done with pat drying your hair, then let it show it's magic. 

9. Hair Serum

Serum is basically used to make your hair more manageable and soft. Good hair serums(benefits of using hair serums) are generally loaded with nutrients that can promote deep nourishment of the scalp. Apply the serum on damp hair, massage, and leave it in.

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10. Overnight Hair Treatments

korean hair care

Koreans depend on a lot of overnight treatments for skin and hair. These treatments are filled with very healthy and nutritious elements that transform your hair overnight and help to lock in the moisture inside them. 

So, try this Korean(Korean style pomegranate face mask) 10 step regimen and make your hair super soft, manageable, and glossy.

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