The chilly winter wind tends to make our feet extremely dry and dull. During this season, it really is a big struggle to take care of our feet. However, with the right guide, you can end up pampering your feet well. 

This season, follow these quick tips and keep your feet healthy, soft, and smooth. 

Exfoliating Is Essential

Our feet become dry and rough during the winter season. To get rid of the roughness, you should use a good scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Scrubbing helps in removing the dead layers that form on your feet with time, leaving you with soft and smooth skin. You should scrub your feet at least once a week.

Use A Moisturiser/ Foot Cream

foot cream winters

After taking a bath, make sure that you apply a moisturiser or foot cream generously all over. Massage for a few minutes and let it absorb. Dryness can lead to skin issues like itchiness or redness and using a moisturing cream is a must. 

Soak Your Feet In Hot Water

hot water soak

Soaking your feet in hot water for a few minutes everyday can be beneficial during winters. If you have cracked and rough feet then a hot water soak can be a big relief. After pulling out your feet, use a moisturiser. This will keep your feet soft and smooth. 

Pick The Right Footwear

Most of us wear boots during the winter season to keep our feet warm. However, picking a pair of shoes whihc is too tight can be harmful. Your feet need space to breathe so opt for footwear that can keep your feet a bit relaxed. 

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Use A Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is believed to be one of the best things for foot care. It helps in removing the dead skin. You can also use a scrapper along with it to cleanse your feet of all the dirt. 

Push Back Cuticles 

Make sure you pay attention to the cuticles. If you stop paying attention to them for days then they may get dry and even hurt you. Using a cuticle remover or eraser, push them back. 

Don't Forget To Wear Socks

socks winter care

For healthy and soft feet during the winter season, you must wear socks at all times. This accessory is just perfect to prevent your feet from getting dirty or dry during the season. Make sure you pick socks prepared using natural materials like cotton. 

Massage Through The Day

If your feet start to feel rough and dry through the day then keep a massaging cream handy. Take some quantity on your hand and massage your feet well. This helps in increasing blood circulation and also releases muscle tension. 

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Apply A Foot Masks

Foot masks are trending these days and you must invest in some to pamper your feet every now and then. These foot masks hydrate your feet, keep them soft and smooth. 

DIY Pedicure

pedicure diy

If you don't feel like stepping out during these chilly winters then you can do a pedicure at home. Massage your feet and then soak them in hot water. Use pedicure tools to cleanse your nails, remove dead skin cells using a scrub, and complete the pedicure with a moisturising cream. 

We hope this guide helps you take care of your feet well during this season. For more such stories on foot care, stay tuned!