Katrina Kaif is definitely one of our favourite actress. Along with her acting skills, we all know her for perfectly maintained figure and glowing skin. You must be thinking that she spends a fortune on skin treatments, but you are wrong. The actress follows a simple yet effective morning routine for glowing skin. Read on to know about it.

Dunking Face in Ice Cold Water

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Some time back, Katrina Kaif shared a video of her while she is dunking her face in a bowl filled with ice cold water. She captioned the post as “Best way to get yourself awake on a working Sunday. #myownicebucketchallenge. Apart from keeping yourself awake, do you know that there are several other benefits of dunking your face in ice water? Today, we’re going to tell you how this old-school trick helps you keep your skin glowing and gorgeous.”

This trick is also known as Thermogenesis. The word as well as the trick might sound weird to you but it is really amazing and you can start to see changes in your skin within a few days. 

Skin Tightening

katrina ice skin

Ice water is really effective for the purpose of skin tightening. If you feel that you have open pores on your skin, then just apply ice water on your face or dunk your face in it and your pore size will be reduced. This is because the ice closes the open pores and reduces the oil secretion, thus tightening your pores and giving you a smooth look just like our Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif. 

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Other Benefits Of Ice Water

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Not only the ice water tightens the pores, but it also has some other benefits that makes your skin look radiant and glowing. 

1. You might think that you are just putting ice on the face but this ice can influence your nerves to burn fat throughout the body. 

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2. This is also effective if you are spending hours out in the sun and get sunburnt. Before applying makeup dunk your face in ice water and you will see the change when you apply your foundation. 

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3. This will prevent you from wrinkles. Not only ageing women, but this also applies to young women as it prevents future wrinkles as well. It will make your skin better without spending a lot on any anti-wrinkle creams.


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4. Aforementioned, dip your face in ice cold water before you apply makeup. After this, dab your skin with a clean towel to dry it. This small routine will let your makeup stay for longer hours on your skin.  

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