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Try Alia Bhatt's Ice Water Face Dip For Tight, Glowing Skin, Read Benefits

Alia Bhatt to Katrina Kaif, a lot of Bollywood divas trust this easy beauty hack for their skin. Read its amazing benefits. 
alia bhatt skincare routine ice water face dip

We all wonder what is the secret behind the beautiful and youthful skin of our favourite Bollywood celebrities. Even after wearing makeup all day long and facing harsh lights while shooting, they have a natural glow on their face all the time. What's the secret? 

Well, thanks to social media that now we keep getting glimpses of their daily routines. Recently, while promoting herl last release Gangubai Kathiawadi, Alia Bhatt's team took us through her everyday routine.  

Instagram and Alia Bhatt collaborated for a special video where they took us through an entire day with the actress, right from her morning yoga session to the red carpet evening. 

The video also gave us a glimpse of Alia Bhatt's beauty routine. In the reel, she was seen dipping her face in ice water. This icy beauty hack has been a go-to for many Bollywood celebrities including Katrina Kaif, Tamannaah Bhatia among others. 

What Is Ice Water Face Dip?

Ice water face dip is also known as Thermogenesis. This ice therapy isn't something new, it is being used for centuries now. The process involves exposing your skin to cold temperature for a few seconds and this is believed to have multiple benefits for the skin.

Celebrities Who Swear By Ice Water Face Dip

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A post shared by Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif)


Katrina Kaif uploaded a video of herself dipping her face in a bowl full of ice water. She captioned her post, "Best way to get yourself awake on a working Sunday. #myownicebucketchallenge."


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A post shared by Tamannaah Bhatia (@tamannaahspeaks)

Tamannaah Bhatia took to her Instagram handle and shared a video of dipping her face in chilled ice water in the morning. In the video, she shared that she had a long night and woke up with a puffed face and had to do a quick fix because she had to resume the shoot. 

Tamannaah Bhatia shared that dipping her face into it shuts her open pores and minimises all the puffiness. She captioned her post, "Ice ice baby! 😊Here’s my quick and easy go-to morning ritual for reducing puffiness. Trust me, it works wonders!."

Benefits Of Ice Water Face Dip

Ice Water Face Dip De-Puffs Face And Eyes

A lot of us wake up with a puffy face in the morning and the causes behind it can be many including excess sleep, eating certain foods, or even sleeping with makeup on. Dipping the face in ice-cold water helps in soothing the skin and reducing puffiness.

Ice Water Face Dip Reduces Inflammation

alia bhatt beauty secret

A lot of women suffer from inflammation on the face which leads to conditions like acne. If you are suffering from this skin issue then you can try this ice hack. Ice water will help reduce inflammation which is a common cause of issues like acne.

Ice Water Face Dip Minimises Pore Size

Enlarged pores are one of the most common skin problem. When the pores of your face are big and open, they attract oil, dirt, and dust which keeps accumulating over time and takes away the natural glow of your skin. These pores appear larger when they have sebum, dirt collected in them. Ice water face dip can help minimise the size of your pores which makes your face look beautiful and youthful.

Ice Water Face Dip Tightens Skin

If your skin has begun to sag then you should switch to ice water face dipping. This beauty hack will help you tighten your skin. When you dip your face in chilled water, your skin pores start to get tight. Regular use of this beauty hack will give you tighter, younger-looking skin. Also, this ice water therapy prevents the appearance of ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines. 

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Ice Water Face Dip Makes Your Makeup Stay For Longer

Most celebrities like doing this therapy before getting their makeup done as the ice cold water help to keep the makeup stay for longer. It controls the natural oils of your skin and further prevents your makeup from moving or getting patchy.

How To Do Ice Water Face Dip?

ice water face dip  benefits skin

You Will Need - 

  • Ice 
  • Water 
  • Bowl

Directions - 

In a bowl, add water and ice. Dunk your face into this bowl for 5-10 seconds each. This can be done a few times. It is best to follow this hack first thing in the morning.

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Things To Keep In Mind 

  • If you have a skin condition like acne then make sure you consult your dermatologist before making this beauty hack a part of your routine. 
  • Those with sensitive and dry skin should avoid following this beauty hack as it can worsen skin dryness or even lead to irritation and redness. 
  • You shouldn't be dipping your face into cold water for too long or it can lead to skin irritation. 
  • If you feel itching or redness after the first use, make sure you discontinue it right away. 
  • If your skin condition worsens after following this beauty hack, consult your dermatologist immediately and get it treated. 
  • It is usually recommended to do the ice therapy for not more than 5 minutes. 
If you experiment with Alia Bhatt's beauty hack, don't forget to share your experience with us on our Facebook page. For more such beauty-related stories, stay tuned!





Your skin and body like you are unique. While we have taken all measures to ensure that the information provided in this article and on our social media channels is credible and expert verified, we recommend you consult a doctor or your dermatologist before trying a home remedy, quick hack or exercise regime. For any feedback or complaint, reach out to us at compliant_gro@jagrannewmedia.com