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Pro Tips To Take Care Of Cracked Lips When The Weather Changes

Do you know licking and biting can worsen cracked lips? Take a look!
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -19 Mar 2022, 13:10 ISTUpdated -19 Mar 2022, 13:10 IST
cracked lips and soft lips

Have you got cracked lips? It is usually a symptom of irritated and dehydrated skin. Many of us experience these cracks when the weather changes, and it is one of the everyday struggles that we would like to get rid of. 

If the cracks go deep, they can even bleed. Not only does it hamper the appearance of your face, but it is painful. The skin gets even more irritated when you eat, and salt makes it worse. 

Hence, we have got tips for you to heal the cracked lips and prevent them from drying further. 

Always Use Non-Irritating Lip Balm

lip balm

When the cracks are already present, you must invest in a non-irritating lip balm. If the product contains any chemicals or ingredients that can cause itchiness, the situation will become worse. 

Petroleum jelly is always the best way to go. It is a thick ointment that tends to lock the water compared to different kinds of oil and wax. Thus, it helps the skin heal faster and prevents any further damage. You can apply it before sleeping, after waking up or prior to putting on the makeup.

Drink More Water

When the weather changes or our days become hectic, we tend to skip drinking water. It is one of the most essential ingredients that our body and everyone is aware of its benefits to the skin. 

Whether winters are near, it is raining, never give up on drinking water. When you feel thirsty or experience your mouth is drying up, do not procrastinate on drinking water. It keeps your cells hydrated, keeps the cracks moisturised and prevents dryness from developing.

Read The Ingredients Before Using The Product

There are many ingredients in lip balms that can help you take care of cracked and chapped skin. Of all the frequently used ingredients, shea butter is the most effective. You can also try products with castor seed oil, mineral oil, hemp seed oil, etc.

On the other hand, there are other ingredients that can help you prevent the cracking of lips when the weather changes. It includes camphor, menthol, salicylic acid, eucalyptus, etc. 

Exfoliation Is The Key

lip scrub

If your cracks are just on the surface, you can get rid of them by removing the dead skin. Exfoliate the area regularly with a good lip scrub. Use the one that contains corticosteroids because it helps reduce swelling and irritation.

Some lip scrubs even come with a tint of natural colour that give your skin a glowing pink hue. Regular exfoliation prevents the dead skin cells from accumulating on the surface and makes the process of lipstick application smooth.

Use Humidifier In The Room

According to a report in Healthline, if you stay in the dry air for long hours, your skin loses its moisture. It is one of the biggest issues in winter. Hence, we experience more cracked lips in a cold climate. 

Therefore, a humidifier in the room helps you to avoid dry air. It facilitates your skin to retain moisture. However, one must not give up on drinking water. If the body lacks hydration, even a humidifier could not help.

Stop Biting And Licking

When our skin feels dry, we tend to lick them or even bite our lips. It can, however, make your problem worse than before. Instead, your lips make become even drier, and cracks may start to bleed.

Hence, if your lips feel dry or chapped, it is better to apply an ointment, lip balm or any cream to add moisturisation. It will soothe the irritation and makes your lips appear shiny. 

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Use Home Remedies

home remedies

Other everyday ingredients that help you take care of the sensitive skin of lips include cucumber, coconut oil, aloe vera, green tea and honey. Most of these natural elements maintain hydration and do not irritate the skin. Thus, you can use them throughout the year or according to the weather conditions.

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When To Consult A Doctor?

If you have tried everything and see that your lips are still not healing, you must ask an expert. There could be an underlying condition or an infection. In such a case, you might need medicines or a doctor’s prescribed ointment. 

Try one of these tips and share your experiences in the Facebook comments. Till then, stay tuned with HerZindagi for more such stories. 

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