A lot of people have the habit of biting or picking their lips regularly. This happens more because of the intense weather and the lack of hydration in the lips. The lips become dry and chapped and hence people get the chance to bite their lips, which is a very bad habit, it injures the lips and makes them bleed, also it leaves marks that take some time to disappear. 

Thus, if you are one of the people who are tired of their habit of biting their lips and are looking forward to controlling this habit then take a look at this article and find out all you can do to stop this habit of lip biting easily.

Start By Identifying The Cause 

lip biting

The major reason behind people biting their lips is anxiety and nervousness. And it is totally understandable if it happens once or twice. But if it continues to trigger you and make you do things like biting your lips, you must identify the problem and try to resolve it. Try to be less anxious and more confident of yourself, try meditation and regular exercise or yoga for getting rid of anxiety. 

In addition to that, you may not be as anxious as chapped lips make you. Chapped lips irritate you and keep you distracted and that is why you try to get rid of the upper scales of your lips, but this could make your lips wounded and hurt. Thus here are somethings that may help you.

Exfoliate Your Lips Regularly

Regular exfoliation of the lip facilitates smoother and softer lips and this decreases the chances of you biting them.  You can use a gentle lip scrub from your favourite brand or make a DIY lip scrub for yourself and use it to make your lips healthier.

Keep Them Moisturised

lip biting

Keeping the lips moisturised and hydrated properly is another way to get rid of the habit of lip biting. Moisturising them regularly makes them smoother, less chapped and plumper. This also trains your psychic to take care of your lips and not to harm them by biting.


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Be Mindful Of Your Actions

You and only you can stop yourself from doing something that hurts you.  Therefore you will have to be mindful of your actions by carefully analyse each and every move that you make. Practicing mindfulness can help you grow and prosper on a spiritual level too.  So, each time to start biting your lips, pull yourself back the moment you realise it.

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Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique that is used to reduce anxiety(herbs to reduce anxiety) and the stress build up that makes us nervous and do things like lip biting.  Focus on shift the tension in your muscles to relax and try to keep your mind calm while doing so. Practicing this regularly will surely help you control all your negative habits.

Also, you must consult a therapist if you feel that your problem is not being resolved by any of the above-mentioned procedures. The therapist will help you identify the root cause of your problem and will help you in finding a long-term solution to it.

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