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Hacks To Use Lip Balm To Enhance Your Makeup Look

Lip balms can give you stunning makeup effects in a budget.
Published -04 Feb 2022, 18:33 ISTUpdated -04 Feb 2022, 18:40 IST
lip balm make up hacks

It’s rightly said, lip balms are women's best friend. We carry these handy lip balms everywhere with us and use them for shiny, mousitured and pretty lips. However it's fascinating to know that these lip balms are not just great for lips but they can also have other uses as makeup. We have found 5 super amazing makeup hacks which will give you a makeup look, using just a lip balm. Use these tricks for a flawless look:

1. Add Colour To Your Cheeks

Using tinted lip balm to add colour to the cheeks is one of my favourite things to do. This method is easy, convenient and gives desired results. If you want a rosy cheeks without using blush, lip balms are a great alternative. 

Instead of using powder blush, use your favourite tinted lip balm. Just take the lip balm and simply use your finger to lightly pat it along your cheekbones, focusing on the apples of your cheeks. It'll give you a wonderful, natural-looking dewy glow.

2. Add Gloss To Your Lipstick

lip balm

A lip balm can be used to add gloss to any lipstick, giving your lips a gorgeous look. For this, simply apply your lipstick as usual, then when it dries, add your lip balm over it. This will give your lips a glossy finish and make them appear prettier and more attractive.

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3. Use As Eyeshadow Primer

eyeshadow lipbalm

Using lip balm as an eyeshadow primer is another trick that I absolutely love. To try this trick, use your lip balm like a base. Its smooth texture ensures that the eyeshadow blends effortlessly and lasts longer.

This trick may not work as wonderfully for very long hours, but it is ideal for keeping eyeshadow in place for a short period of time.

4. Use As Highlighter

Lip Balm can also be used as a highlighter for your high points, giving you an incredible look. It gives out a beautiful glow thereafter.  To add a quick highlight, simply sweep a non-tinted lip balm across your cheekbones. The trick is to apply a single layer of it, starting at the apples of the cheeks and moving outward and upward.

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5. Erase Mascara Smudge

After applying mascara, we often smudge it by mistake. And the step after fixing it can become a task. However, lip balms can work wonderfully here also. Simply wipe away the mascara with a Q-tip dipped in balm. The balm will remove stray mascara without wrecking your entire look. This trick sounds fascinating, right?

Keeping a good quality lip balm has so many benefits. It’s convenient to use,  easy to carry, and so on are some reasons which makes it a must carry for wherever you go. I hope you found these hacks useful. If you did, do share your thoughts by commenting on our Facebook or Instagram page. 

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