Jawed Habib Tips: Easy Ways To Style Thin Hair

Do you have thin hair and are unsure how to style them? These tips by hair expert Jawed Habib will help.

Lakshita Singh
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Styling hair for people with thin hair is not easy. The biggest challenge people face while styling their thin hair is showing off their scalp and to avoid that, they usually choose to keep things simple by not styling their hair at all. Yet, the problems do not end there. Along with not being able to style their hair, those with thin hair face some additional challenges too, like using some hair care products can make their hair look flat.

Other people usually believe that thin hair is simple to style. However, this is not the case. Thin hair is difficult to style since it has a tendency to flatten. It's not only tough to style thin hair, but it's also difficult to care for and maintain them.

However, If you are also one of those who is facing these problems then you should follow some special tips for your hair styling suggested by hair expert Jawed Habib.

What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Thin Hair?

Some simple hair care advice from hair expert Jawed Habib can help you in taking care of your hair. The way you style your hair depends a lot on your hair care routine. So you need to follow these tips:

1. Use Of Volumize Shampoo

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The use of volumizing shampoo adds volume to the hair and makes it appear puffier. After using a volumizing shampoo on your hair, use a light weight conditioner that isn't too sticky. Along with this, keep including a good protein-rich hair mask in your hair care routine. This routine on hair will give your thin hair a better look.

2. Keep Conditioner And Mask Away From Scalp

When you use conditioner and hair mask after shampoo, make sure the conditioner and mask doesn't touch your scalp. This is because, if the scalp gets too much moisture or grease, it will make the hair appear oily which will make your hair flat while styling.

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How To Style Thin Hair?

To style your thin hair, follow these tips:

1. Use Volumize Spray

To give your hair a wonderful appearance, use a good volume spray or mouse at the time of blow dry. Set your hair while using it. Also, while using the spray, make sure it doesn't enter your eyes or it may cause irritation to the eyes.

The spray will make the hair look fuller and the only trick is to use volumize spray among so many sprays that are available in the market.

2. The Way Of Brushing Hair

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Brush the roots of the hair with a big round brush. Along with this, use a hot roller. This will add more volume to the hair. Blow dry the hair in a slightly upward motion with a round brush from the side of the roots and round it. This method will resolve the problem of visible scalp and make your hair look healthier.

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3. Get Hair Coloured

Consider getting your hair coloured if you want to add more volume to your hair. Hair colour, particularly highlights, can help with this and add volume to your hair. This is why so many people with thin hair are choosing colourful and stylish highlights.

4. Long Hair Get A Haircut

jawed habib thin hair

If your hair is long, consider cutting it to a medium or short length, which is also very popular these days. Get a medium length haircut with steps on the crown. It will add more bounce to the hair. Another advantage is that they are simpler to manage.

5. Don't Use Excess Oil Or Low Quality Serum

When you already have thin hair, why would you add more oil to it? Avoid the use of excess oil and low quality products on hair. Also, use good quality hair serum. Use of excess oil and low quality serum can make the hair look more thin and weak.

All of these tips will help you style your thin hair easier and more conveniently. Please share this story if you liked it. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more stories like this.