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    From Using The Right Oils To Picking The Right Shampoo, Here Are Some Effective Hair Care Tips

    If you too are tired of your dry and dull hair and wondering how do you get those long and healthy tresses then these tips are for you. These are some...
    Updated at - 2019-04-12,18:18 IST
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    All us women want healthy, thick, gorgeous looking hair, who doesn't? To achieve the desired hair, are you giving your hair the right amount of attention? With increasing pollution and stress in our lives, we are each day fighting to deal with our dull and damaged hair. Getting those desired locks is possible but it requires a lot of efforts! Healthy hair add to your personality, boost up your confidence. Here are a few hair care secrets that will really change your life. Read on. 

    Pick The Right Shampoo

    chemical free shampoo

    Your shampoo plays a key role in deciding the health of your hair. For healthy hair, you should be using a shampoo that has natural ingredients that strengthen your hair follicles and make your hair grow long and thick. You can buy Khadi Mauri Herbal Argan Oil Shampoo that is enriched with ingredients like amla, bhringraj, and aloe vera and boosts hair growth and thickness. Priced at INR 395, you can buy this shampoo here at INR 315. But make sure that you don't shampoo your hair everyday. Shampooing your hair everyday can remove the natural oils from your hair and make your hair dry and dull. 

    Use The Right Hair Conditioners

    coconut oil conditioner

    To take care of your hair, you use so many products on your hair. From hair conditioners to serums, you use them all. But do you know that the traditional home remedies work best for your hair? Go back to your Dadi Ke Nuske, you will find the best ingredients for your hair in the kitchen itself. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil are the best conditioners for your hair. They leave your hair silky and soft and have no side effects on your hair. If you have frizzy hair, coconut oil is the best for you. You can buy Max Care Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil here at a discounted price for INR 202. 

    Ditch Styling Tools

    Straightening your hair, curling them, these all make your hair look great but only temporarily. In the long run, these styling tools damage your hair. They make your hair dry and rough. Try to go the natural way. Try curling or straightening your hair using natural hacks. Like you can curl your hair overnight by making braids on wet hair.

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    Use The Right Hair Comb

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    If your hair gets tangled a lot, always use a wide tooth comb. This makes it easier for you to de-tangle your hair. If you don't use a wide tooth comb, you will end up losing a lot of hair as the hair starts to break. Vega Tortoise Shell all Wide Tooth Shampoo Comb is a handmade comb that doesn't hurt your scalp as you comb. It further reduces hair fall. You can get it here for just INR 211. Don't Miss These Easy Hacks Will Help You Grow Your Hair Quickly

    Use Cold Water To Wash Your Hair

    The worst thing you can do to your hair is washing it with hot water. It damages your hair very badly. It makes your hair dull and dry. Always try to use cold water to wash your hair. If not cold, you can use water at room temperature.

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